Luke Cage: The Lowdown

So guys, here it is, Luke Cage, my take on the whole series, how well it integrates itself into the Netflix MCU, the wider MCU and where I think it could go in the future.

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A Guide to Oktoberfest

From the brass taps of the Hofbräuhaus pour liquid gold. Doing the rounds for over 400 years, it’s a royal formula of wheat sensation that one saved Munich from Swedish annihilation

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Birmingham’s 5 Best Kept Secrets

Birmingham is a miracle city; once a powerhouse of industry, now academic nucleus, and forever waterway king. It’s always running at full capacity, on the fuel of a thousand trades and more than a thousand voices.

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Lake Komo Has Arrived

Meet the Manchester based 4-piece band and Columbia Record’s newest recruits, Lake Komo. Lake Komo have been on quite a journey steadily preparing their debut album and building a growing fan base in the North West of the UK and beyond.

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The 5 Best Airbnb Alternatives

With over 1,400 castles to its name, the queen of online room bookings, Airbnb, reigns over the territory of affordability and authenticity. In conversation, it’s seemingly the standout choice for travellers wanting more space, style and savings.

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