Tgta_selfie_03he idea of selfies has exploded over the past 10 years, with the introduction of social media and most notably the addition of front-facing camera onto the iPhone 4, after what started out to be a strange concept of standing in front of a mirror and taking a picture of yourself, has evolved into the world today. After being added into the Oxford Dictionary as Word of the Year in 2013, the concept of a selfie has exploded since 2012.

Recently video games are breaking into this barrier of taking selfies within video games, making the connection between the player and the character even stronger. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker remake was one of the first games to notably do this that allow the player to pull different faces with Link before taking a photo, although it wasn’t a camera phone itself. Next was Tearaway, by far my favourite handheld game ever, which allows the player to use the camera and the incredible touch features of the Vita to take a selfie after completing a specific mission where the surrounding would make a different picture. The addition of selfies being in these cartoony games, especially Tearaway seemed to fit the bill with what was to expect from a relaxed platformer.

With the remake of GTA V, selfies in video games have become a lot more ‘real’, allowing players to take selfies in a vast amount of situations like robbing a store or murdering somebody with the smart phone that is famously known for GTA navigation. Could this be the next attack on the video game industry after an incident like this happens within real life? Probably. Although these features add a couple of minutes of entertainment, I started to wonder how much extra money and time is spent on the video game to add these new animations and camera angles for the selfie mode. The consumers are becoming more and more unhappy with the length of video games and content that they have, so could the addition of a selfie camera exclude one more side quest?

Lately Blizzard Entertainment announced that this feature would be coming to World of Warcraft in patch 6.1 along with Twitter integration, allowing people to tweet from in-game connecting with social media and the outside community. I personally think the Twitter addition is a great idea especially as Blizzard have several twitter accounts that are constantly posting on hotfixes and connecting with players with any problems they’re having in order to solve them, this is on top of the in-game ticket feature. However, MMO Champion (one of the leading World of Warcraft forums) held a survey alongside this announcement to see how many players actually wanted the selfie feature within the game. Here over 65,000 people voted in a poll to see if they even wanted the features, and as you can see many players stated they won’t even use it. This really started me thinking about if people even want these features within video games and if they just use it once for

This really started me thinking about if people even want these features within video games and if they just use it once for novelty and never use it again.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you want the addition of selfie features over and extra mission or hidden collectible? Maybe next we’ll see 69p micro-transactions to buy a selfie stick along side a £1.20 package to unlock more animations and camera angles, or even filters if a game company decides to team with Instagram.

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