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Beckys the world over have been leading measurably worse lives since Beyonce’s Lemonade, but theirs isn’t the only name to be ruined.

If you’ve been on the Internet in the last decade, you’ve probably come across the wonders of Urban Dictionary. The satirical take on dictionary.com and vocabulary.com means the general public can add their own definitions and meanings to existing words and names, and if they’re feeling really spicy, they can go and make their own words up and give them a whole new definition.

Founded by Aaron Peckham in 1999, this inspirational website now features over seven million definitions and descriptions of words. Becky has already been ripped to shreds, so here are ten other names Urban Dictionary has ruined.

1. Christopher

“The act of ejaculating into one’s hand and drinking the semen to quench thirst.”
 Man, “I’m so thirsty, I could Chris.”
What sort of thirst is this? Are there no water sources available? So many unanswered questions…
Urban Dictionary Name

2. Jessica

“A female who is always on the hunt for a 12-inch penis or larger, but doesn’t prefer it to be an African American penis or a penis from the ginger community.”
“She’s always looking for a larger size to give her the pink sock.” “Damn she’s such a Jessica.”
Frank: “why don’t you just go get laid?”
CoMo: “Because Frank, it’s gotta be Jessica size…Duh!”
 AT WHAT POINT WOULD ANYONE WANT A ‘PINK SOCK’. No one aims to get an anal prolapse. Ever.
Urban Dictionary names

3. Jacob

“A piece of shit.”
“You know Jacob?
Yeah hes a piece of shit.”
The world is a cruel place. Urban Dictionary names ruined

4. Thomas

“When a cock is so big it could have its own face. Similar to the train featured in Thomas the Tank Engine.”
“Chris at work is blessed with a Thomas.”
If there was ever a time we wanted the Fat Controller to tell us we were wrong, it would be now.
urban dictionary names

5. Becky

“Another name for getting head, getting a blowjob, the act of receiving oral sex.”
“I just got becky from Jessica. Shit was so cash!”
I’m just gonna jump onboard the Becky bandwagon and say that Beyonce was 100% behind this. Becky with the good hair just can’t get a break.
Urban Dictionary names

6. Jennifer

“A female American born between 1975 and 1983.”
“There were 17 Jennifers in my class.”
Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Lopez obviously do not exist then. Other Jennifers are also considered in this.
Urban Dictionary names

7. Michael

“A man that poops a lot.”
“Wow, did you see that poop? It was like a dump truck!! It was probably Michael…”
Who comes up with this?!
Urban Dictionary names

8. Victoria

“Super slut with huge ass.”
“Damn look at that booty.”
“It’s Victoria.”
A special well done to the innovative use of objectification and slut shaming. This user should be super proud of themselves.
Urban Dictionary Names

9. William

“A fat bastard who loves a lot of rainbow dildo in his mouth loool”
“I’m a william
Urban Dictionary names

10. Steve

“the invisible ninja-zebra that eats sugar and jumps on the couch.”
Steve is a zebra. he’s invisible.
The Internet is a horrible place.
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