What’s good guys, it’s been a while but I’m back on my music tip and because I’ve been away for a while I couldn’t come back with just one new album… for you, not two, nay!!! I have returned with 3 albums you should be bumping, so let’s get down to it homies…

NxWorries – Yes Lawd

Now you might not have been aware but the vocal G that is Anderson Paak and the production beast that is Knxwledge made a duo called NxWorries.  So far we’d only been teased little snippets of what they’d been cooking up via songs like Suede and Link Up and even the first ep we were given also titled Link Up and at last…they gave us this gem, aptly named “Yes Lawd”.


A beautiful amalgam of hip-hop, raw edgy soul and skits this album is a nice little ride.  It moves along at a nice pace actually tricking you into a nice chilled vibe just enough to maybe not notice the slightly bitter aftertaste some of Paak’s lyrics.

This isn’t a project for the faint-hearted to be honest and it’s not the cleanest sounding of projects I’ve heard lately (not lyrically I mean in terms of polish) but Knxwledge always has a rugged, mixtape vibe to his projects and quite frankly this doesn’t really take away from the overall quality.

All in all, I definitely recommend this, it’s a nice album to serve as  the groovy theme music to practically any part of your day, and I’m sure you can figure other activities it works it’s way into perfectly…

Isaiah Rashad – The Sun’s Tirade

TDE actually has more artists than Kendrick Lamar you know…and I’ve long been ranting about other members such as Ab-Soul and Jay Rock being just as deserving of attention by the masses but one guy even I acknowledge I slept on was Isaiah Rashad.  Now I was aware of him a couple years back when he dropped “Shot You Down” and I was impressed.  I then promptly mentally shelved him and moved on for the most part.


So imagine my surprise that while playing a game of League Of Legends Youtube takes me into a set of songs that have me bumping my head like “damn…ok tube, I see you”.  Game complete I return to Youtube to realise I’d listened to half of his debut album, “The Sun’s Tirade”.  This album and this may be blasphemy but I rank it as a better debut than GKMC possibly…

Now hang on…when you understand this guy actually spent 2 years touring and ending up addicted to alcohol and Xanax almost resulting in him being dropped from TDE 3 times, and then still drop this incredible project is why I say it might be better than GKMC.  Full of soulful beats, intriguing subject matter and lyricism that holds it’s own with a killer verse from Kendrick on “Wat’s Wrong”. So what are you waiting on?

Mick Jenkins – T.H.C

So in the midst of Chicago hip-hop on its rise via Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa a name that might have escaped your notice and shouldn’t have is Mick Jenkins.  I came across this guy with his mixtape “The Waters” and have been a fan since so it’s dope to  finally see that debut album.  Now this is a bit shaky sonically and might be weird to get used to honestly so this might not be the best entry point for you to Mick but if you wanna try anyway go for it.


This is a seriously positive album, revolving around this concept of The Healing Component and how it manifests, how we see it and how much it’s needed.  I’m not going to ruin the surprise and tell you what it is though, that would be too easy.  The production is trippy, lit and sublime, it sits Mick in a nice little pocket of his own without needing to be compared to other artists at all.

All in all, it’s a damn nice first album and I’m really looking forward to what the Chicago native comes with next but seriously, get up on his previous projects too, once you’ve heard “The Waters” and “Waves”  everything makes so much more sense conceptually.


What…you thought I was done? So I had to hit you with a bonus album and this is something I haven’t actually listened to yet.  How will I review it then you ask? I won’t.  What I will do is tell you about the artist though…

Jay Prince- Smile Good

Now I’ve been a fan of Jay Prince for quite some time, he’s been in a nice little niche for a UK hip-hop artist with his beat selection basically being one of the first guys from here to be rapping on the new future-beat marvel.  His last project “Beautiful Mercy” was one of my favourite releases of the whole of 2015 which is saying something.


So I’ve been waiting for what came next and it’s just dropped…so most I can tell you is to expect serious beats, a nice melodic level of lyricism and probably an all round happy vibe…who know’s maybe I’ll review it soon, but I’m actually putting you on before I get there so get in there now, let me know what you think.

Until next time homies…

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