Vogue’s Instagram is flooded with videos of every celebrity under the sun dancing inside one of the maintenance corridors from Alien. The Met Gala has been described as ‘the Superbowl of fashion”,and this year the guests couldn’t get enough of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Manus x Machina exhibit

However, look past the Rihannas and Smith kids to the designers behind their Deus Ex-like outfits and you’ll see a new human revolution, led by tech-savvy fashion creators such as…

Iris van Herpen


Dutch designer Iris is recognised as one of the leading names in futurist fashion, and one of the first to use 3D printing to create couture. Taking inspiration from science and nature, the technology allows her to scan and print biopunk-style structures perfectly fitted to the model.

Danit Peleg


While van Herpen may have brought 3D printing to the catwalk, Israeli-born Danit brought it home. Her graduate collection made headlines in 2015 due to how it was made; she brute-forced the production with several $2,000 home 3D printers and glued each A4 piece together. Peleg proved that couture no longer has to come from an established fashion house.



Continuum doesn’t actually sell clothes. Founded by fashion designer Mary Huang, the business is completely virtual. In addition to selling designs via Shapeways, they’ve also released an app which lets users make their own fitted designs for printing. Continuum shows that the future of 3D printed fashion is democratic.

Anouk Wipprecht


Another Dutch innovator, Wipprecht goes one step further and integrates digital technology into her 3D printed creations. Looking like alien armour, the SYNAPSE outfit above senses the wearer’s moods and changes its LED displays – it even dazzles people you don’t want in your personal space. More than just garments, Wipprecht’s creations act like your wingman as well.

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