Youtube have made a staggering announcement. Now, instead of just being a boring run of the mill user, you can become a Youtube Hero! Youtube Heroes play a valuable role in supporting and growing the community blah blah whatever. What’s really being peddled here is a pyramid scheme, the details of which are contained in this unsettling video:

That’s right. They’re going to hand the power of censorship to the kind of people that frequent the Youtube comments section and reward them with points. The more points you earn, the more of Google’s work you can do for them. But if you’re really that good, why not just get paid?

“Add Captions to a Video” – Translator/Transcriber


‘Add captions/subtitles to a video and earn points,” …or you could earn money. Transcription jobs appear to be mostly freelance, with some paying £8 – 15 an hour (based on job adverts), although you would be going self-employed through an agency. Still, even transcribing for peanuts has to be better than transcribing for free.

“Unlock Super Tools” – Site Moderator


Instead of mass flagging videos and monitoring a community for Youtubeland fun bucks (that’s after you’ve made it to Level 3), you could monitor a less revolting community for actual pay. Web businesses do actually hire moderators, with salaries around £16 – 18,000 a year.


“Get a Sneak Peek at New Products” – Marketer/Influencer


Youtube are basically expecting you to go to some product launch and instagram all about it to build some pre-release hype. Yet if you have enough followers, other brands are willing to pay out for sponsored posts of their latest products. Prices vary wildly, but they are almost all in real physical money (maybe Bitcoin).

“Test New Features Before Release” – Beta/QA Tester


That’s right, put in all that hard work and you get to be…a beta tester. In other words, the kind of job that actually gets paid a decent yearly wage. However, most posts do require qualifications and experience in the field. However, even the average person doesn’t have to jump through hoops to test software – games and software companies regularly release “open betas” where all you have to do is sign up.

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