“Oh no, say it ain’t so, Brangelina are no more!” That was the most talked about news on Twitter today; multitudes of celebrity gossip magazines and distraught fans voicing their opinions on the divorce of two random strangers they don’t actually know.

So, what’s actually going to change after Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split up? Nothing. This will have no impact on your life in any meaningful way, and while you were talking about this the world was still changing:

Teleportation Is Now Real


Sort of, anyway. Two teams of physicists working in two different cities managed to “teleport” information over a few kilometres without actually sending anything physical. This is a crucial step towards achieving quantum computing, which to most of us means incredibly fast internet and computing speeds and the next earth-shattering revolution since the internet was created.

A Syrian Aid Convoy Was Actually Attacked


Years on after the war started, the everyday level of violence and insanity in Syria has faded into background noise. That was until a convoy delivering aid during a ceasefire was attacked with barrel bombs. 20 civilians were killed, and the whole fragile peace is in jeopardy. Even worse, Russia and the Syrian government are the most likely suspects.

The UN Doubled The Amount of Refugee Places


At a UN conference, Barack Obama convinced 50 countries around the world to double the amount of refugees they’re willing to take in. In fact, he actually charged this as an entry fee to his summit. 360,000 openings were created through this commitment, although it seems a drop in the ocean against the 21 million refugees worldwide.

We Began Building The Wall


The UK and France lost its right to take the piss out of Donald Trump, as construction crews actually began work on a wall around the port of Calais intended to keep immigrants at bay. However, the plan’s not nearly as ambitious as the Great Wall of Mexico, and many are saying it will simply move the problem of people attempting to jump onto lorries a few miles down the road.


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