Whilst the mainstream media was focused on the conflict between Blake Lively and Taylor Swift at Met Gala 2016, there were a few other conflicts around the world where people died. But they didn’t involve a list of the best and worst dressed, so we couldn’t really give a shit.

This is what we cared about instead:

Whilst all of this was happening…

The United Nations moved against sexual violence in South Sudan.

The United Nations sent a representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Zainab Bangura, over to South Sudan to find a solution for the abhorrent levels of sexual abuse, rape, abduction and forced marriages that are synonymous with the country.

A report from the United Nations issued in 2015 state that the “scale and severity of sexual violence increased with the outbreak of the current conflict between the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) and the Sudan People’s Liberation.” This includes but is not limited to: rape, gang rape, sexual slavery, abduction, forced abortion and castration.

Met Gala

They maintain that these attacks are ethnically motivated hate crimes, and there have been 167 reported incidents of sexual violence affecting 236 people, and 95% of these people are women and girls. Documents report that 31 of these victims have died as a result of rape, and others have been mutilated, impregnated and infected with HIV/AIDS.

However, this step towards liberation for women and children in South Sudan has been overshadowed by the fact that Beyonce was accused of wearing a giant fucking condom.

Thirty-two Abducted Children were found in Likuangole County, South Sudan.

On the 3rd of May 2016, local chiefs of Likuangole County found 32 Ethiopian children who are thought to have been abducted by the Murle Militia in an attack on the region of Gambella, Ethiopia, last month.

Met Gala

The horrific attack happened on 17th April 2016, in the Nuer Villages in Gambella. Twenty villages were targeted and 200 lives were claimed. Roughly 100 children were snatched from their homes, alongside livestock. Unicef described this attack as a violation of human rights and a “horrific act of unbridled violence”.

But this terrifying event obviously had nothing on the Met Gala’s terrifying outfit choices where the media decided to compare Zoe Saldana’s outfit to the children’s book “The Rainbow Fish”. Kids are really important, after all.

Fears for Activist Community in Bangladesh rise after extreme violence.

After the murder of one of Bangladesh’s most prominent LGBT activists, other activists living in Bangladesh are left fearing for their lives.

On the morning of 25th April 2016, two LGBT activists including Xulhas Mannan, the editor of Bangladesh’s only LGBT magazine Roopbaan were murdered in a flat in Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka. It is thought that the Islamic State are responsible for these unlawful killings, and there are concerns for activists who have been threatened in Bangladesh.

Met Gala

One of those threatened is social activist Dr. Imran H Sarker, who has received death threats from all over the world. Sarker took part in the Shahbag Movement, a campaign that took place on 5th February 2013 after a three-year court case regarding war criminal Abdul Quadar Molla came to an end.

Molla was found guilty for a series of war crimes such as murder and rape, but only received life imprisonment rather than the death penalty.

However, because these activists do not go by the name ‘Madonna’ and because they weren’t wearing a risque outfit in the name of civil and gay rights on a fucking red carpet, it obviously isn’t that important.

Forced Abortion Prevalent in China

Reports have emerged with shocking statistics regarding forced abortion within China. At the beginning of 2016, a law was passed stating that couples are limited to having two children unless they are from an ethnic minority. Women are expected to get permission to conceive, and if the family cannot afford a child they are coerced into an abortion by the Family Planning Police.

Statistics showed that there were 13 million abortions in China per year, but with the birth limitation rule and forced terminations extremely prevalent it is thought that this number could be up to 23 million abortions a year.

Met Gala

This comes after the Chinese Government were forced to apologise to Feng Jianmei for forcing her into an abortion in the third trimester of her pregnancy.

In 2012, in the Shanxi Province, Feng Jianmei was beaten and ordered to pay the 40,000 yaun fine for breaking the Chinese one-child policy. When the couple could not pay the fine, the group of Family Planning Officials forcibly terminated her baby seven months into her pregnancy.

But these women are not as important as expectant mothers Olivia Wilde or Emily Blunt who wore pretty sparkly dresses at the Met Gala, so it doesn’t really matter. Ignorance is bliss, right?

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