‘Cus who needs to be able to understand rap lyrics these days? We came across most of these guys on Keith Ape’s – 잊지마 It G Ma feat. JayAllDay, Loota, Okasian & Kohh and curiosity took its turn, which made me delve into a scene much bigger than I expected: Asian Rap.

I uncovered tonnes and tonnes of rappers, style guides, content that just didn’t come into my general newsfeed, and as I began to share it about it became clear that I wasn’t the only one missing out. So to educate some of you here’s a definitive list of 5 rappers killing it in the Asian scene right now. Check them out and check out their other stuff; believe me, you don’t need to understand the language to enjoy it.

Like seriously, think about songs like Panda? Anyone who claims they know the words and understands it all is a liar.

So, without further delay:


Artist: Okasian
Label: Hi-Lite Records
Latest Album/Project: Okasian x Bryan Cha$e ft. Keith Ape – Underwater Bank // The Last Orcas pt 1
Release: July 2016
Trivia: Korean rapper known for his various collaborations as well as his solo work. He started by releasing mixtapes with The Cohort, then signed with Hi-Lite and released his first album in 2012. He collaborated with Keith Ape on the song “It G Ma,” which has over 26 million hits.


Keith Ape

Artist: Keith Ape
Latest Album/Project: Keith Ape – Diamonds ft. Jedi P
Release: Aug 2016
Trivia: His interest in rap music began when he was 14 and listened to the song “Life’s a Bitch.” From then on, he began writing and trying out music production.


Rich Chigga

Artist: Rich Chigga
Latest Album/Project: Who That Be
Release: Aug 2016
Trivia: It wasn’t until 2015 that Brian Imanuel began releasing satirical music on YouTube under the name Rich Chigga, starting with “Living the Dream,” which he followed up with “Dat $tick” seven months later. And, as Rich Chigga, he’s received as much criticism as praise.



Artist: JayAllDay
Label: N/A
Latest Album/Project: JayAllday – Sirens ( Feat. Ness)
Release: Dec 2015
Trivia: There really isn’t much online about this guy, just an impressive collection of features with other artists. Even his own YouTube channel has only one video.



Artist: Kohh
Latest Album/Project: KOHH – “Dirt Boys Ⅱ feat. Dutch Montana, Loota”
Release: Jun 2016
Trivia: KOHH started producing and recording music at the age of 18 while making various mixtapes, until he met producer 318 and started releasing material under the label GUNSMITH PRODUCTION. He saw an early underground success within the sub-urban Japanese scene when he produced the song “Young Forever” for his younger brother ‘Lil Kohh’ – the music video went viral in Japan.


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