With Christmas just 15 days away (not that I’m counting) I thought I’d sum up a list of some non festive films released this year to watch this Christmas that are more than likely to give you a few laughs, thrills and drama this holiday season*. Apparently people don’t watch DVDs these days, I’m told they stream it on the Netflix, otherwise I’d suggest these as great ‘stocking fillers’.

 *Laughs, thrills and drama not fully guaranteed



Always at the top of any list of mine, Monty Python. Everyone thought they had passed on! That Python was no more! He had ceased to be! He’d expired and gone to meet ‘is maker! But this year they were back one more time to rattle the old bird-cage and make us laugh. Re enacting their classic sketches from the 1969 run and some from meaning life, Monty Python relishes in its freedom and fun as much as it did back then. They are the godfathers of randomness and absurdity that graces our YouTube today. If you have never seen Python then I envy you in being able to view it for the first time and can’t pressure you enough to go watch them. If you have seen Python then it’s still a laugh per minute, taking new interest in the differences and similarities between the performances of then and now with the music and dance routines making it a spectacle to view. For more Python click here (nudge nudge, wink wink)

Released July 2014 – 7.9/10 (IMDB)


2) Guardians of the Galaxy


If you somehow missed one of the biggest films of the year then WHY!? Marvel’s daring voyage into space is the perfect film for this Christmas. The story follows star lord and his band of unlikely criminals joining together to (spoiler!) guard and protect the galaxy. With a plot not too heavy and fun dialogue with many amusing moments and plenty of actions it’s one everyone can enjoy with a tin or chocolates. Not being a Marvel fan is no excuse here with the story and characters separating themselves from the associated universe and running closely more to star wars. Not to mention the best soundtrack for a movie in years.

Released July 2014 – 8.3/10 (IMDB)


3) The Imitation Game


A cinema trip here for you all. I’ve not been a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, always unsure on what to think of him (I can hear you spitting out your over priced coffee) since seeing him back in starter for ten but the imitation game convinced me that this is an outstanding actor just like everyone rightly thinks. Cumberbatch delivers this heart warming yet heart breaking portrayal on the life of Alan Turing and his contribution to the second world war. With wonderful performances all round and excellent cinematography this is the British film of the year which touches everyone’s heart.

Released November 2014 – 8.4/10 (IMDB)


4) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


If you want a thought-provoking, serious film with a serious message; Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes is for you. Though if you want a film of record-breaking CGI and ape madness with plenty of action then this is also for you. Following on from its previous film this takes a darker tone even for a apes film. Questioning our morality and equality in a post apocalyptic world it’s the cinemas answer to the walking dead. It’s a question that runs through all of the ape films but this is one of the strongest representations of it. I’d say it’s the best but I’m bias and think you just can’t beat the original planet of the apes. Caesar is a true leader but he’s no Doctor Zaius. Oh Doctor Zaius!

Released July 2014 – 7.8/10 (IMDB)

5) Mrs Brown Boys D’Movie


So admittedly this isn’t film of the year and not for everyone but it’s better than I expected and still a good laugh with a glass of alcohol and family spirit. Mrs Brown is threatened with the closure of market stool and must fight with the help of her family to keep her store and community going. The plot is simple and easy to grasp, good when you’re a bit drowsy and full on Turkey and need something to energize you up. With a different camera set up, locations and length the film feels very different and not as traditional as the TV series. Maybe not as funny with the jokes needed to be dragged out and focusing much more on slapstick the film still provides plenty of laughs and is consistent throughout with the fun all the cast is having really shining through.

Released June 2014 – 4.1/10 (IMDB)

Apparently there’s some hunger games film and Hobbit film out too but they’re not well-known and don’t think they’ll be much of a hit.

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