Growing up, everybody told you that all you had to do was grow up, get a decent job and a family and you’d be set. Unfortunately, that hasn’t quite gone to plan, especially if you’re reading this.

Sure, things might have all gone to plan for you…or you might be one of the millions trying to live on a zero-hours contract while paying high rent, keeping the lights and internet on and feeding a crippling anime addiction. The world of work is mutating, but fear not – we’ve got a list of side hustles, most of which you don’t even have to get out of bed for!

Create Something Physical

People are always happy to buy random, creative bullshit, especially if they can stick it on their desk and forget they bought it. Etsy is the popular option for sellers actually crafting things like Firefly Christmas sweaters, while Shapeways lets you sell 3D printer designs for buyers to order through the site or print themselves Рjust set up your shop and forget about it.


Etsy Fees: 3.5% of the selling price + 20 cent (US) listing fee.

Shapeways: 3.5% of selling price, paid monthly.

Cheap and Dirty

There will always be people wanting single tasks done quick and dirty for peanuts, and they’re out there on sites like Mechanical Turk – which pays a few pennies for things like “choose the best picture” – and the infamous fiverr, where freelancers do single jobs for as little as $5 (¬£3.77).


As always, be aware of what your time’s actually worth and avoid giving clients the world for less than the price of a magazine.


Blogs are a long-term strategy – don’t think everybody’s going to flock to your blog the minute you make a post to WordPress.


However, if you put in the time and effort to put out regular posts and build an audience you could make some money through advertising.

Instagram Your Lunch

Similarly to blogging, netting yourself some Instagram followers could turn into something actually profitable.


There are many influencer agencies out there looking for accounts with anything between 1,000 – 1,000,000 followers to basically take pictures of some company’s product. You see this most often used by fashion brands or independent food businesses.

Serial Commenter

It used to be that high-quality comments were the norm, but now they’re the exception. That’s why certain…companies are willing to pay people to leave comments on websites and blogs following a “fake it til you make it” strategy of attracting readers.


You probably chat shit on the internet anyway, so you might as well get a little something for it.

Become Internet Famous

This one’s no big deal, all you have to do is be funny or interesting enough to become an internet celebrity with the attention of thousands.


However, once you do have that you can earn money through standard ad revenue on Youtube or through those avoidable, inescapable ad reads where you pipe up about razors in the middle of a podcast about Western civilisation’s downfall.

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