Of Mice and Men recently released their ‘new’ album Restoring Force: Full Circle. To put it frankly it’s just a re-release of their album Restoring Force but with an extra four songs on it.

The bands last album The Flood was out in 2011, making this album a follow up and a return for Of Mice and Men. It sounds different but it shows the progression in sound the band has been working so hard to achieve. The album begins with ‘Public Service Announcement’, which demonstrates and focuses on a statement regarding the band and rumours that were spread about them in the past. The response being “You all have something to say, or something to, I don’t live in a cage, It’s none of your business”.

‘Feels Like Forever’ is the second track off the album and it sort of is like a sign to the world that although the band has been through hardship (Austin Carlile’s, singer, arrest and the departure of clean vocalist Shayley Bourget) they can still make it and carry on forward. ‘Bones Exposed’ is the next song on the album and is the second single that was released, ‘You’re Not Alone’ being the first. It is the first song to kick the album off into over drive with killer riffs from drummer Valentino ‘Tino’ Arteaga and guitarists Alan Ashby and Phi Manansala. This song is definitely one song that will hook you into wanting to listen to the entire album.

The following song ‘Would You Still Be There’ shows new bassist and clean vocalist Aaron Pauley’s true potential. The clean vocals from Pauley are a match for Carlile’s unclean vocal as they both compliment each other well.

Most fans listening to this album will want to hear tracks that are hard-hitting and brutal such as ‘O.G Loko’ and ‘Ohioisonfire’ off the bands previous albums but and the track ‘You Make Me Sick’ is exactly what they are expecting. This song is different from the other songs on the album and perhaps different from what the band usually does but it is fast paced and in a way destructive and something that will be a hit with the fans. A let down from this song in my opinion is its similarity to others within the genre, resulting in a loss of its unique selling point, but it is still a good track nonetheless.

The first single off the album ‘You’re Not Alone’ has received mixed reviews, commenting that the only great thing about it is the lyrical content suggesting that it brings unity from the band to the fans, but I feel Pauley and Carlile’s vocals work well to bring the track together and if it is a unity song then so be it.

New song ‘Broken Generation’ has a very Linkin Park-esque sound to it. It’s different from their usual sound, but it’s quite refreshing to hear new material off the band as the last time fans heard new sound off the band was with the release of Restoring Force, which as almost two years go.
‘Something To Hide’ has a similar sound to the rest of Restoring Force, it’s not to fast or to slow but it’s not too heavy either. It’s like songs ‘Feels Like Forever’ and ‘You’re Not Alone’. Another new song is an acoustic version of the song ‘Feels Like Forever’. It works in the sense that the song is already of a slow pace, so an acoustic version compliments it. It works in clean vocalist Aaron Pauley’s favour as it showcases his vocals nicely. The guitar is calming and personally it is quite relaxing to listen to.

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