In the year 2015 the term crate digger isn’t all that applicable. Music lovers (some of us) don’t spend hours on end in record shops literally digging through crates of vinyl. Now not to slate that, I do it myself sometime, and I love others who do, but now we have a crate called YouTube, and another called Soundcloud, you get the picture. So I’ve decided to call this new form of crate digging “soundsurfing” think it will catch on?

Anyway I digress, in my latest soundsurf I came across a song produced by a favourite producer of mine, Taku called “Right Here” featuring this dude called Anderson Paak. I listened, played it about 10 times and decided I was curious.   Now my taste in RnB is highly indoctrinated by the fact my parents practically raised me to a soundtrack of Prince, so when you learn of my fascination with Miguel, D’angelo, Dwele, it all makes a lot of sense; so hearing Anderson and vibing out instantly was a damn good sign for me.

Now I’m breaking habit usually I come at you with a project from an artist, not this time now while he does have an album out called Venice, which I am very excited to listen to I figured I’ll just put you guys where I am. So basically losing your head over a few songs like me.

First song you got to hear, “Right Here”, now as I said earlier Taku is one of my favourite producers so the beat is just delicious to me. When combined with Anderson’s airy vocals and uncompromisingly questioning lyrics it makes a really good track, great to dance to but even just sitting there and digesting it might teach you something about where you look for validation in life.

Second, it’s “Celibate”. This is a hilarious take on a guys struggle to cross the line with a girl he’s so close to being with but yet still teetering on the edge of the friendzone with. We’ve all been there at one point, so hearing Anderson rap about it (yes rap, did I forget to mention homie can spit? My bad) is a pretty relatable experience. Plus with the bluntness of some of the lines you’ll bust a few chuckles while you reminisce too I reckon.

Third, check out “Realla”, produced by the incredible Tokimonsta I’m not even going to really go into this song…just listen, zone and we’ll hype together later ok?

So there’s two tracks to wet your appetite, should set you up nicely for Venice, I know it did for me. I mean you remember when Miguel hit us? It was that point where so many of us were like “Yes, RnB back, no more electronic dancey stuff, just soul and good singers!!” Anderson got that same vibe for me, I can’t hear his stuff without grooving out a little or imagining just kicking it in some club corner with my girl. I’m really looking forward to what’s next, I know this guys a drummer so seeing live with a band would definitely be something I’m on the lookout for, plus collaborations! I think a Lupe, Childish Gambino or Ab-soul feature would go down so well mc-wise, and can never go wrong with Jhene Aiko as a RnB feature these days and I see a pic of them together…I’m really hoping for that one.

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