It’s that time of year. No, I’m not talking about Christmas. I’m talking about university applications.

Most people (apart from those clever enough to apply to the big leagues) are beginning to send theirs off, and the roundabout is starting to creak. It’s dizzying, it’s shaky, and here and there it’s exciting. Nowadays university applications are processed through the internet, an essential in terms of convenience.

This method applies to a lot of types of applications, actually, and is most young people’s introduction into the adult abattoir that is the application process. Whether it’s your first or not, it’s a difficult process in terms of both technology and emotions.


The whole structure of application is pretty cold. UCAS must receive thousands and thousands of applications within the space of a few months, and the cleanest method of offering and rejecting is the internet. They obviously don’t have the time to ring everyone, but even the smallest of personal touches would take off the chill so it doesn’t all feel quite so clinical.

One of my prospective universities replied to my application with a smiley face, and though it sounds simple, these little things can be really reassuring for students going through such a nerve-wracking time.

One of the most difficult things about applying is the wait. That sounds pretty obvious, right? But once that form is sent off, you practically end up living on your emails (in a time where young people don’t use emails that often!). It can take absolute months for universities to get back to you, which is fair enough considering the amount of applications they must get.


They say patience is a virtue, but by any stretch of the imagination the wait is one of the more anxiety-ridden aspects. A decision regarding one of the pivotal moments of a young person’s life will arrive in an email…some day. It’s crazy, looking at the big picture.

Yet it’s what, one of the first of many applications that mean the same thing and have the same process? There’s job interviews, mortgages, credit cards… It’s certainly good experience, as it helps young people to develop a thicker skin.

But when the application is all online and clinical, it can make the first steps into the real world quite harsh. Things are scary enough for everyone who is applying and receiving what-not, so it is slightly stressful, to say the least – but then again, the best things in life often are.

It all sounds so dramatic, doesn’t it? It’s a dramatic thing for a lot of people right now, and it will continue to be for such for a long time. Despite this, it’s still a very rewarding thing and I know a lot of people are also looking forward to potentially succeeding – myself included!


Even if it is the first of many cold and calculated processes in life, it is still a lot to take in. So if you see any young people looking beside themselves whilst relentless staring at their phones, don’t write them off as hormonal teenagers straight away. Chances are it’s because something life-changing is waiting to happen.

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