B1456013_10152805617799706_2039395441257552936_nirmingham is very well known for its extraordinary graffiti work around the Digbeth area and the Custard Factory. I have always been interested in graffiti since a young teen. It is so unique, vibrant and eye-catching. However, graffiti has always had a negative connotation and is often frowned upon by many people saying its vandalism and unattractive, but this isn’t always true.

With a world that’s mainly black and white, it’s nice to see a bright, colourful piece of illustration across a plain building as its adds a bit of character and culture.  This is why I love Birmingham more than anywhere else. Famous graffiti artist Banksy has grown in reputation for his powerful messages that he portrays within his graffiti work. Many people would say graffiti has no meaning, but it’s how you perceive it that gives it a meaning.

We appreciate art in museums, so why not appreciate graffiti out in open spaces? You don’t need to pay to see it, which is the best part about it. People are expressing their thoughts, inspiration and messages through imagery and words. Just the same as art. In Birmingham, they celebrate the talent of graffiti artists. Not too long ago, Digbeth hosted a festival called ‘City of Colour’ showcasing all the work of local artists which is set to return beginning of December.


Graffiti is current and modern which makes me question whether art will appear attractive to young people in the future? Only time will tell.

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