IMG_4854It was exactly a year ago to the day when Architects exploded the HMV Institute, back again with an incredible lineup, Architects put on a show that will not be forgotten. Bringing with them Every Time I Die from New York, Blessthefall from Arizona and Counterparts from Canada, the energy and atmosphere just kept rocking.

First up was Counterparts, a band that instantly caught the crowds with their opening song ‘Witness’ – fast, melodic upbeat sound with some incredible breakdowns. While withstanding a lot of energy, Counterparts were incredibly tight and on a technicality perfect with a great response from a fairly large crowd considering they were the first band to play 15 minutes after doors had opened. The band seemed incredibly overwhelmed with the response they had from the audience on the tour as a whole, with people shouting lyrics back to them and really getting into the music they were playing. Counterparts are definitely a band to keep your eye on if you’re into the hardcore metal scene at the moment, with a great live performance this band will definitely not let you down.

IMG_5096Next up were Blessthefall, a band who are continuing to grow within the hardcore/emo scene. I was a little disappointed with the technical performance of the clean vocals, being weak in certain places really let down the overall performance that the band had going, especially when the hardcore screaming from the bass player was on point all night. The energy from the band was something most bands should take from, with great crowd interaction they had the crowd jumping even if they didn’t know the songs, although the lead singer kept spitting water over the crowd which probably wasn’t the most enjoyable thing for people standing by the barriers. With very well written guitar work, it seemed a little sloppy and out of time due to the energy they were bringing on stage, which is questionable whether energy overpowers technicality of a live performance. Nonetheless they definitely had a response from audience and the crowd as a whole were loving the set.

With a very different opening to the set, Every Time I Die definitely brought the metal to the stage, with some heart wrenching instrumentals that lay behind the higher pitched screaming that we had seen from the rest of the bands so far. With the guitarist throwing his guitar around then holding it by the neck above his head, it was quite anxious to watch this happen being a musician myself, but they aced their set with ease while keeping firm grasp of the energy they walked onto, unlike Blessthefall. With a very hardcore atmosphere surrounding them, a great deal of the crowd knew the music and lyrics that they were playing, which was a given as they have 7 albums released over a similar time period Architects started to grow in popularity. Every Time I Die’s performance was not one to miss, especially if you knew their music and was involved within the crowd.

IMG_5492And then… what I would personally call the UK’s kings of hardcore/metal, Architects released all shades of hell with Broken Cross. Architects are a band that I’ve seen 3/4 times before, and each time they just get better and better. The room wasn’t sold out, which is quite upsetting because Architects are a flawless band and never seem to get the audience scale that they deserve, although every single person in the room was bouncing for the whole set. With a lot of people screaming as lead man Sam Carter asked who saw them the same day last year, it was clear that Architects have a very loyal following and their performance left a lot of the crowd talking about their upcoming performance at Slam Dunk.

Being lead by their newest album Lost Forever // Lost Together, they threw in some old gems like Day In Day Out and Early Grave where the lead singer from Counterparts ran onstage and joined in for the key breakdown of one of the most well-known Architects songs. The energy of the band combined with the atmosphere of the crowd created an incredible performance, with technically perfect vocals and instrumentals from the whole band, in particularly the drummer stands out as an incredible musician. Architects put on one of the best shows I’ve seen in such a long time, leaving myself eager to see them at Slam Dunk and I’m sure lots of other people in the crowd last night could say the same. If you’re around at Slam Dunk with nobody to listen to, definitely go and see Architects, even if you’re not into their music you can stand and listen to the instrumentals which is in a word, flawless.

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