We are living in a world where nothing is private any more. When we do anything slightly interesting, those pictures are all over Facebook and Instagram. Everything we feel or think has an outlet on Twitter, no matter how bizarre or irrelevant it may be. We are constantly sharing our days at the touch of a button with friends and family over all kinds of messaging services like iMessage or WhatsApp. And yes, some times you may feel inclined to take racy pictures of yourself and use the wonder of technology for a kind off virtual intimacy that has never existed before.

And celebrities? Well they are just like us.

In late August a website called 4chan released a list of 101 celebrities whose nudes they possessed and intended to leak. And then they did just that.

Some of the bigger stars that have been targeted in three waves of leaks, the third having happened just a few days ago, are Jennifer Lawrence, Kaley Cuoco, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, and more recently Cara Delevingne, and Anna Kendrick among many others.

It is still not known for certain how these hackers are getting access to these celebrities’ private photo galleries, but a lot of people have speculated that they did it by hacking into their iCloud accounts, which of course Apple has denied. Apple has said that this was not a security breach but rather a “very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions.”

A silver lining, should you choose to see it, is that the general response to these private photographs has been one of outrage. For the most part people seem to understand that just because they are celebrities and we get to see a lot of their lives splashed across our TV’s, newspapers and magazines, doesn’t give us the right to their bodies. There are of course perverts on the internet, as there will always be, who I imagine do a little dance of glee ever time a celebrity name is added to the list of leaked photographs. But for the most part, people are enraged.

You may notice that there are not many men on this list. It is being said that this serious breach of privacy isn’t just so horny men can gratify themselves to pictures of out-of-reach, beautiful women, but is an attack on powerful women who have made a name for themselves as a way of putting them in their place.

Apparently it was important for these hackers to reduce these hard working humans to what women are really all about- a body created to satisfy men.

Or maybe they just did it because they could. Who knows?

The only thing that is become apparent through this series of events is that the concept of privacy is seemingly an out-dated for a number of people. Where once we all had the right to our own lives we have slowly started to share so much of them on social media that it is not even very surprising when things like this happen, especially in the case of celebrities, because while I do find this on-going event shocking, it does not surprise me. Of course some one found celebrity nudes and posted them on the Internet.

Does this mean we should be living our lives in fear of when some thing similar might happen to us? Should celebrities be robbed of being able to be intimate in whatever way they like because an ever-curious audience is waiting for the day they will get to see it? Absolutely not. You take those nudes, J-Law! More power to you!

What needs to change is people’s mindset. Just because we share most things, doesn’t mean we need to share everything. There are boundaries even in the age of social media. We have the power to communicate at the touch of a button, and now we need to learn how to control it.

What do you think about this unfolding story? Have you seen these photographs being circulated on social media? What kind off measures do you think need to be put into place to prevent this kind off thing from happening again? Let us know in the comments.

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