With 9 main games¬†and 11 “other” games when is enough, enough?

Very recently the Assassin’s Creed trailer premiered worldwide, and although it looked pretty decent visually, it felt like another rinsing of a once so great franchise.
Kanye West playing in the background didn’t do it much justice either, so much so YouTuber Vincent Vendetta took it upon himself to recreate the trailer “without shit music”.

Many early criticisms focused on Michael Fassbender’s suitability for the role (based on his age rather than acting ability). However, with clever script trickery they don’t have to worry about getting Desmond Miles right as he’s playing a whole new character outside of the game series: Callum Lynch.

The build up to this release has relied on creating mystery through gimmicks such as this recording featuring the voice of an enigmatic businessman – the film’s chief villain – followed by a reading of The Creed.

The movie poster itself is pretty impressive featuring the all too well known leap of faith from the game series. From 50ft high into a haystack? No problem.

These movie screenshots show higher production values than the typical video game adaptation…

While the film doesn’t seem like it’ll be completely terrible, when there are so many releases across multiple media it feels like the Assassin’s Creed franchise is being milked more than a fair bit. As the superhero fad starts to run its course, Assassins Creed and Warcraft could start Hollywood’s next big craze: video game movies.

Will this movie do the once great franchise justice? Will it be the exception to the rule that all video game films are horrible? Or will it just be another forgettable adaptation of an already saturated property?

Assassin’s Creed is set for release this December.

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