Tomorrow an asteroid is set to narrowly miss Earth. Well, we use the term narrowly loosely…

In this instance, the asteroid looks set to miss our planet by just under 2.8 million miles, which in astronomical terms, is pretty close. The Asteroid, discovered last year by the Catalina Sky Survey, has been estimated to measure in at around 500 to 1000 metres wide. NASA have given this giant space rock, the catchy name of 2014-YB35 and have described it as a ‘PHA’ (Potentially Harmful Asteroid).

Even with the scary classification it’s been given we’ve been assured we’re fairly safe as the asteroid, although reported as close, is still too far away to cause any panic. In fact, the asteroid is set to make a closer pass in 2033 at only 2.1 million miles which is still, ‘nothing to worry about’.

 The event happens after quite a big week for the space and science world following the solar eclipse, the discovery of the world’s largest asteroid impact zone and NASA’s new plans to land on another asteroid to try and ‘capture’ it.

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