Final Stand DLC Review

(Console: XBOX 360 – DLC purchased via Premium Pre-Release)

DICE’s successful Triple A Title “BATTLEFIELD 4” has finally launched its last DLC Drop, Known as “Final Stand”. Set in the Snowy terrains of a Futuristic “2142” Backdrop the DLC has had a very large commercial success compared to previous DLC’s such as Dragons Teeth and Second Assault released earlier this year.

What is included?
  • MAPS: 4 Maps set in Russia (Siberia) listed as: Hammerhead, Hanger 21, Operation Whiteout and Giants of Keralia
  • FEATURES: 5 New Achievements/Trophies + 8 Assignments
  • WEAPONS: Rorsch Mk-1, Phantom Bow, Target Detector, DS-3 Decoy, XD-1 Accipiter
  • VEHICLES: Snowmobile, HT-95 Levkov, Shipunov 42, Pod Launcher

But what makes this DLC unique?

All in All, its not exactly Unique, Its more like a re-imagining of previous Battlefield Title: “2142” from 2006. So why be so Nostalgic, like Second Assault? I suppose this allows better sales. Receiving a 4/5 from Metacritic, 2142 was a very well received game. So we can see why when DICE LA was given the “remains” and disfigured, dismembered corpse of BF4 in March to finalize the rest of the DLC season they put the cards close to there chest. They fixed the majority of Issues originally woven into the game after a tedious, hideous launch which gave the Game a tainted name. This could have forced DICE LA to help stick to deadline by creating Maps themed around 2142 based on limitations.




Fans have mostly loved the Hunt for the Phantom Bow via DICE’s cryptic and difficult Easter Egg hunts they produce for the Premium “Phantom Project”. This was found by such Youtubers: JackFrags whom with the help of the Community managed to crack the Code and retrieve the Bow in the secret room via the Broken Elevator on Hanger 21. The Rorsch Mk-1 and the Hover Tanks that came with the DLC, add to Tactical Play and mix up how the typical gamer approaches the game. The Mk-1 is a Battle Pick up to aid in Balancing issues and is a lot of fun to use. It may have a lengthy reload but taking down targets on the snowy ridges of Operation Whiteout is too much fun not to do.


Overall the Maps satisfy most gamers and there play-styles. The main criticism is the Head-glitching and large quantity of Snipers poking there masked faces over the Ridges “Head -glitching” in order to take you down with there Mk-1 or SRR-61. They blend in well with there surroundings making them a worthy kill and bragging rights when your M416 blows there brains out. But it gets to the Point where its Overkill and makes the Game not entertaining and not worth the Time to play. With 11 hours combined on the DLC, I felt the Bias of Maps in rotation to be played were mostly Giants of Keralia and Hanger 21. Both are amazing Maps that really do cater for the Fans. I felt as if this biased my opinion as I had about:

  • 3 Hours – Hanger 21
  • 2 Hours – Operation Whiteout
  • 5 Hours – Giants of Keralia
  • 1 Hour – Hammerhead

As I enjoyed Hanger 21 the Most, I must say that may be due to myself dropping a high score Gameplay of 10,655 using the AK-12 on a Conquest Match which lasted for nearly enough 18 Minutes. I was very proud of my Objective Plays and Slaying ability to go “52-19” with the odd revive on myself which resulted in a Sniper barrel-poking my corpse as it Lurched upwards from my Squad Mate charging his Defibs against me.


As the Maps are Large and the XBOX 360 and Internet are untrustworthy, there are area’s where textures do not render or don’t load as well as the Ping suffering occasionally depending on the Host, Time of Day, Server Location etc. Overall the gameplay has been very good in my Opinion as I mostly played from 3 till 5 to get a feel for this DLC, but this is down to my ability as a Player to tactically manoeuvre the Map and use my accuracy, understanding of spawns, routes of the Map to aid in the best experience possible. I play aggressively and come into a lot of Action. As my SPM is a high 600 on this game with a 1.39 KDR as I heavily attack Objectives. I will say that TDM is a very viable gamemode for the smoothest experience. I managed to go “39-4” on Whiteout on a TDM server with 5 (my Team USA) VS 8 (Russian/Enemies). This was a great session all in all and really did allow me to make the most of the short length of time the match lasted for.


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