At a lecture I was blessed to attend once with many high up music professionals I was told in a private conversation by a guy who is a serious inspiration to me “read the credits”.  In short know who’s behind the front person you always see…pretty deep right?

So I’m sure you all saw the Kendrick Lamar performance on The Colbert Report with his untitled song from his new album.  No, don’t worry I’m not about to bag on it…I’ve had that song on replay since I saw it, but how many of you can see, or wanted to see behind the front?  How many of you would “read the credits”?  See many of the artists we love today are a product of a vast and talented team behind them, advising, shaping and polishing what you then receive on cd or I-tunes etc.  In the case of this performance I was geeked to see certain faces in the background with Kendrick, I was even happier to hear him greet them by name, but just in case you missed them…I’m going to bring what was behind the front to the front, I’m going to “read the credits” for you.

  • First up, Bilal. Now If you don’t know this guy well boy…you don’t know what you missed, this guy has been dropping diamond quality soul since 2001.  Long time huh?  This guy has worked with The Roots, Common, Musiq Soulchild, Dr. Dre…you get the idea…listen out for the male backing singer, YouTube him, you won’t regret it.
  • ..introducing Miss Anna Wise. For those of you who remember the track “Real” on GKMC yep, it’s her, she’s also the female vocals on “Money Trees”.  Part of a duo with Dane Orr called Sonnymoon they’ve had two albums out already and a 3rd is on the way…you should definitely be paying attention
  • Thirdly my man Thundercat. Now even if he didn’t have a name that made me feel like swinging a sword around screaming “Thundercats Haa!!!” he still makes me want to really push my bass playing to another level.  First rising to fame in Germany at 15 as part of a band called No Curfew he also played bass in metal band Suicidal Tendencies. This guy dropped bass licks on Erykah Badu’s “New Amerykah” and Flying Lotus’s “Cosmogramma”…need I say more?

Kendrick assembled a veritable hydrogen bomb of talent here and we know he will gladly go left-field and come up smelling like roses the way those of us already there knew he would.  Look at his collaboration with Flying Lotus “Never Catch Me”.  Now I’m not getting at you but how many of you listened to that song completely unaware of who Flying Lotus was?  Nothing wrong with that either, discovery is discovery irrelevant of when or how but hopefully I have inspired and enlightened you guys to pay more attention to what’s behind the front and not just with music but everything and remember to “read the credits” because that’s where often the highest and subtlest level of talent is found.

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