Last week, BBC3’s Leah Green looked at the ways in which sexism is ingrained in British culture with the programme: Britain’s Biggest Sexists?

The panel is made up of three comedians: Josie Long, Fern Brady, and “token male” Nish Kumar. They are presented with three or more “sexist” males in different sectors across Britain. The comedians then ‘judge’ who is the biggest sexist out of all of them. Throughout the entire show, the only positive male we are presented with is Kumar, and even then he is still condemning an entire male gender and multiple industries. We’re only briefly shown one or two suited males who tell Leah Green she is rude when she pounces on them whilst wearing a red beret and yells: “Stay away from me, I’m menstruating!”

Stop being such a crazy bitch and giving feminists a bad name.

Britain's Biggest Sexists
If the entire show could be summed up in one gif… here it is…

Some points that were raised in the programme are really important, and they do need to be addressed. But unfortunately, the arrogance and advocacy of man-hating made me completely uninterested in the real problems such as the rape culture that seems to be ignored within university, or the sadistic tweets MP Louise Mensch received from internet trolls. But how about addressing them in a way that doesn’t make every single male look like they think with their penis? Why not throw in some statistics and show the other side of the argument?

Oh, and leave the children’s toys out of it. If little Hermione wants to play with a science kit that makes nail varnish or volcanoes, then she can do whatever the fuck she likes. She’s a five-year-old. Don’t you dare try and pull on my heart strings with your, “think of the children” bullshit act. Why drag innocent children and toys into this?

Silly me for thinking the BBC was unbiased….

Photo: Aeromars / DeviantArt
Photo: Aeromars / DeviantArt

I’d like to congratulate Green for being an ignorant and whiny presenter who tarnishes the definition of feminism. Let me just remind you, because you seem to have forgotten:  it is “equality” not “female-dominance” we’re fighting for. Thank you for fuelling your “investigative journalism” with man-hatred and general idiocy. Whilst the hour long piece of propaganda does highlight some huge flaws regarding gender equality in Britain, it has been completely overshadowed by the painstakingly obvious misandry that manages to paint an entire gender with the same brush. The Britain’s Biggest Sexists “documentary” ends with Leah saying: “And no one’s listening now, anyway”.

You’re right babe, we’re not.

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