Fish Out of Water

What do you get when you send a pescatarian to review an Americana meat shack?  Drunk.  With Tom handling the meat side of things, I opted to explore the limited vegetarian options available before “rigorously testing” the rye.

First things first, Buffalo and Rye specialise in meats, so don’t be offended at the minimal vegetarian offering.  The two hotdogs Tom tried are both available as veggie-dogs instead, alongside the Shroom and Halloumi Burger. However, what really impressed were the salads.

The Kale-Butternut Squash ensemble was robust and filling, with wilted kale and roasted squash combining perfectly with pan-fried chickpeas, goats cheese and candied pecans, all finished with a tahini and honey dressing.


What with it being early afternoon, and with Buffalo and Rye being bourbon specialists to boot, it seemed highly reasonable to sample a range of their inspired cocktails and neat whiskies.  The Mint Julep was crisp and herbaceous; often a drink-prone to sugary overkill, the unadulterated flavour of Maker’s Mark bourbon warms this crushed ice refresher.

Buffalo & Rye

The Americana theme extends to the cocktail list too, with a range of alcohol-fuelled milkshakes epitomising the diner stylings.  A classic Tom Collins is morphed into a Mountain Dew Collins, whilst the Grape Fizz – where gin meets peach liquor, triple sec and grape soda – indulges another US staple.

Buffalo and Rye don’t shirk on the classics either: a Wild Turkey Rye whisky Sazerac served in an absinthe-washed glass and spiked with Peychaud’s Bitters swirled with fragrance and understated bourbon flavours. Likewise a Manhattan made with ultra premium Basil Hayden bourbon, sweet vermouth and Angosturas bitters seems simple enough at face value, but boasts a flavour profile that hurls you back to Prohibition.

Buffalo & Rye

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