Not all movie villains are skeletal or decaying – some of the most fearsome would give Mr Olympia a run for his money. The villains on this list are infamous for their monster muscle and killer strength. Check out our countdown of the buffest and baddest movie villains of all time this Halloween.

10) Mr Hyde

The manifestation of Dr Jekyll’s monstrous id and dark fantasies, Mr Hyde is the colossus created from a dangerous secret potion. His brute form terrifies those who encounter him in dark allies and inevitably meet their end. He has unwavering desires to rip humans’ limb from limb and the bone crushing strength to support his yearning.

9) Pyramid Head

Movie Villians

We don’t quite know the origin of Pyramid Head but we can assume it’s a dark one. When the bell rings in Silent Hill, Pyramid Head emerges from the black abyss – dragging his giant cleaver stained with the blood of the innocent. With the power to rip his unfortunate victims limb from limb, Pyramid Head has some serious brawn behind his mystery.

8) Ivan Drago

Trained and hardened in soviet Russia, Ivan Drago is one of the most formidable opponents of the Rocky franchise. He’s notorious for killing Apollo Creed with his sheer punching power and stone cold resolve.

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