Forget Star Wars for a minute people: the Cap is back, and he’s dragging the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with him kicking, screaming, and starting a war.

Captain America

And though the trailer offers some truly tasty visual titbits for comic fan and cinemagoer alike (the arrival of Black Panther, an injured/dead War Machine, and Falcon flailing his legs like a bionic Bruce Lee), what perhaps speaks loudest of all is what the trailer doesn’t show.

The huge announcement that Spiderman will finally feature in the unfolding Phase 3 films isn’t even tickled at in the trailer, and only a chance glimpse of Martin Freeman’s ever-so-top-secret character is given (without fanfare, I might add). Not only that but for those unfamiliar with the Civil War comic, seeing Iron Man getting his ass handed to him by Captain America and Winter Soldier will no doubt create quite the buzz.

Seeing Avenger vs Avenger has been a long time coming; it was only a matter of time, and will be the driving force behind keeping the Marvel films fuelled into the next few years. Egos and personalities as large as those of Stark and Captain America were always going to explode eventually, and the trailer really capitalises on this tension and excitement. If the Marvel boys and girls are good at one thing, it’s making mighty fine trailers.

With such a cleverly-weighted first-look, we can only hope the TV spots and additional promo for Captain America: Civil War won’t do what the previous films’ trailers did and give away all of the goodies before the curtains open – time will tell. And even if they do let the cat out, let’s be honest: the MCU won’t be losing its Thor-like grip on the general population any time soon.

Captain America

War is declared on 6th May 2016; expect Captain America to HULK SMASH the box office wide open when it arrives.

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