The car you’ve really always wanted looks like it’s on the way to becoming readily available, as motor company DMC are in the process of manufacturing brand new DeLoreans – the car made famous by the Back to the Future film series.

Their new ‘Lucky Coin’ video was just released, and feels a bit like when you turn on the TV and catch the end of some bad ass film – it’s both mysterious and sleek, which is everything you’d want if this trailer was a person you’d met on Tinder. The featured track by Andrew Kingslow is tasty and soulful too, but does it all work as an advert for the car?


Truth be told, Delorean could have just hit ‘Record’ on their cameras and filmed their production crew sitting in their yellowed Y-fronts picking their nose with a used match stick – the car needs no introduction or promotion, as the hype was created all those years ago when Doc Brown used one to traverse time like a boss. Whether the time-travel feature will come as standard or as an optional extra once DMC release their new rides, we’ll have to wait and see.


To own one of these DeLoreans, you may need to go back to the future and make note of the winning Lotto numbers, as their website offers a figure of $65,000 – approximately £45,000 – for one assembled to your desired spec. It’ll be about double that if you want it modified to look like the one from the film. But, until the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have given DMC the all clear, this may all be a pipe-dream anyway – stupid bloody rules and laws and shit.

Time will tell if this all becomes a reality, but in the meantime you can watch the new video a few hundred times and feel cooler than a tiny tin toilet in an igloo.


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