Russian illustrator and animation artist Andrew Tarusov has taken some of Disney’s Princesses and turned them into 1950’s pin-up girls and it is pretty flipping awesome. Looking at the majority of Tarusov’s work, he reimagines women as buxom pin-ups, giving them curves, big hair and huge smiles.They’ve got large breasts, thighs and a bum. They’re sexy, confident and a fantasy.

Before you get annoyed that these fictional re-inventions of Disney Princesses, with the age old argument  that they are being objectified and that their innocence is ruined, read the original stories from the Grimm’s book of Fairy Tales or the Hans Christian Anderson tales. Then you can have your educated bitch and moan.

Spoiler alert, Cinderella’s stepsisters cut their heels and toes off in order to fit their gigantic feet into the GOLD (not glass) slippers, and then get their eyes plucked out by birds. Nice.

Here’s a few of Tarusov’s pieces.

Snow White: Snow White & Bashful

We’re all familiar with the tale of the Evil Queen trying to get her henchmen to murder Snow White because she is declared the fairest in the land. Jealousy is a bitch, right? We’re used to the Snow White who is an innocent teenager running away from home. She’s just cleaning the house of seven tiny men, and then all of a sudden BOOM. Puberty did her a favour. It looks like she’s about to give Bashful a cheeky hand shandy, and he’s definitely not shy about it.

Disney Princesses

Frozen: Elsa and Kristoff

Disney Princesses

Elsa is quite clearly using her cryokinetic powers to chill some beers for herself and her sister’s beau, Kristoff. Although the lack of clothing isn’t really necessary. Especially near her sister’s love interest.  Also, Kristoff can’t really be that warm because he’s wearing slag wellies. If you’re that hot take them off mate.

Sleeping Beauty: Aurora and Prince Philip

Disney Princesses

Aurora/ Briar Rose, whatever her damn name is, looks like she’s taken the Netflix’n’Chill a bit to far by falling asleep. In comes Prince Philip with a creepy looking face. What is really interesting is that, in the original story before Disney covered it in glitter and singing fairies, Aurora’s fate was far worse than Tarusov’s interpretation.

Charles Perrault, The Grimms Brothers and Giambattista Basile were all behind the first fairy tale. Aurora was never under a curse that sent her to sleep, it was a prophecy. She had a small piece of linseed stuck in her finger. When the King (not Prince) saw her, he saw an opportunity and raped her. She was unconscious and couldn’t give consent. Nine months later (and still asleep) she gives birth to twins and one of them sucks her finger which removes the flax and wakes her up. I’ll take Tarusov’s please!

The Little Mermaid: Ariel, Sebastian & Flounder

Disney Princesses

Here is our favourite red-headed mermaid showing us how to skinny dip. I’m a little disappointed that there isn’t a version of her with her green mermaid tail, but then again she just wants to be part of our world. I just wanna say that I am so glad we can all see where Sebastian’s pincers are *shudders*. I’m all for the vintage pin-up aesthetic, but I don’t want to think about what she gets up to in the boudoir.

The Princess and the Frog: Tiana and Prince Naveen

Disney Princesses

Six years ago Disney finally decided to get with the times and have an African American Princess. Whilst most of the Western World decided to celebrate at the so-called movement at the Disney Studios, I remember feeling really pissed off that it had taken them so fucking long to have a black princess. It’s like we all went:

“Hey Disney, well done for marginalising an entire race in the majority of your films (take Song of the South for an example), but you’ve finally decided to create a princess who isn’t white, so I guess we can forgive you and let it slide.”

Anyway, I digress. How awesome does Tiana look here? Not only is she the best damn cook in New Orleans, she’s got massive sex appeal and looks damn incredible.

Disney Princesses

These Disney Princesses have grown up with the generations that have loved them. When the Little Mermaid came out in 1987 I’m pretty sure loads of kids like myself got super confused, upset and angry when they had a bath and didn’t turn into a mermaid. It still happens.

But now we’re seeing our childhood idols in a completely different way. They’re in lingerie that you’ll find in high street shop windows, showing that they’re confident about their bodies and do not give a shit about who is looking at them because they look awesome.

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