As you all have probably seen the MCU’s latest offering upon the altar that is Netflix was Luke Cage. You could be forgiven if you’re a bit ignorant as to who that is though. I mean he’s not the most mainstream known superhero out there by any means, so before we get into any reviews, social-political debates, nerd rants and the like let me catch you up on 7 (because 7 is a lucky number damn it!!!!) basic points of Luke Cage that you’ll either see in the series itself, and a few that you won’t.

His Name

His name isn’t actually Luke Cage, his real name is Carl Lucas, he changes it after his escape from prison so he wouldn’t be tracked down by the authorities.3

He Ran Up In Doctor Doom’s Crib

Once Doctor Doom hired Luke Cage to deal with a rogue contingent of his prized doombots, however despite owning an entire nation Doctor Doom was too cheap to pay Luke the $200 dollars owed, as a result, Luke ran up in the Fantastic Four’s crib, knocked them around, took a ship, flew to the Latveria, whooped Doom’s ass and collected his  money…now that’s real.


Nerfed…(basically they weakened your boy up…)

One issue many fans have with the MCU representations is that many of the powerful characters have been grounded in terms of their power levels, namely for example Thor and Hulk.  Luke has also been nerfed somewhat, while we do see that he’s a tough cookie in the series his endurance goes far beyond simply being bulletproof.

This dude actually survived a nuclear explosion point blank after fighting off dozens of Ultron-bots in the Age Of Ultron comic long enough to pass information onto other heroes before finally passing on… so we haven’t even scratched the surface of his abilities… 

That Shirt…

Luke Cage was a result of the blaxploitation era of films, and as a result his original outfit was…flamboyant shall we say… the whole yellow shirt, tiara and chain belt is directly out of that whole time and era so when you see that specific scene in that episode… yep, that’s what they’re tipping the hat to.1

The Avengers…

Luke Cage actually led an incarnation of the Avengers referred to as the Mighty Avengers which he led out of the Avenger’s Mansion which he purchased for 1 dollar, while it seems unlikely that we’ll see this acted out on screen it’s still nice to know…

Sweet Christmas…

Luke Cage doesn’t swear, this is the reason for some of his more funny catchphrases like “sweet Christmas” and they act this out in the series in a pretty funny way with the swear jar…

Heroes For Hire

Luke Cage in the comics goes on to set up a business with his best buddy Iron Fist called “Heroes For Hire”, this is referenced subtly throughout the series and with Iron Fist premiering next March many fans are looking forward to seeing this play out on screen…

BONUS ROUND! – Spiderman Could Outlift Him

Luke Cage initially was actually below Spiderman initially for pure strength, only being a 5 tonner (comic terminology referring to how much a character can move to classify them strength wise) compared to Spiderman a 10 tonner, it was with intensive training that Luke actually took his strength to a more familiar level of being a 50 tonner to then completely outclass Spiderman for strength…


So there you have it guys, my little back to basics for you about the bulletproof black man from Harlem.  Hopefully this serves as a nice gateway for you to learn more about Luke Cage and his supporting characters and I’ll be back at you soon with my review of the actual series, until next time homies.

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