The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 to all the kool kidz) is a yearly event in LA where the major companies within the video gaming industry flex their muscles by announcing and showcasing their upcoming titles, merchandise, and general gloriousness.

Stick with NUBI all this week during E3 2015 as we bring you a busy-person-friendly break down of all you need to know. We’ll be rounding up each day’s news, as well as finishing the week off with a Gimme 5 boasting the absolute best of show in a little more detail.

E3 2015 – Day 1 Round Up

Day 1 saw press conferences from BethesdaMicrosoftEAUbisoft, and Sony.

Bethesda: It all started with a big bang…

Main Announcements: Fallout 4, Doom, Dishonoured 2, Battlecry

Fallout 4 was the main focus of the press conference, which will feature far more customisation than ever before, a pre-apocalyptic section, and an enhanced Pip-Boy. If the game alone wasn’t enough, a £99 special edition version of the game will come bundled with an actual Pip-Boy that will work alongside the game using your smartphone.E3 2015

From mutations to mutilations, Doom is making a comeback in 2016 and is already causing controversy in relation to its ultra-realistic depictions of death, disembowelment, and decapitation. Two videos showcased the game: some people cheered, other people tweeted in disgust. I sense another ‘video games create murderers’ headline in the not too distant future…

Dishonoured 2 was announced, showing a brand new playable character called Emily, as well as everyone’s favourite: Corvo, who is still very much in attendance. Multiplayer shoot ’em up Battlecry isn’t a new announcement really, but it was addressed that it will be rocking its beta testing phase later this year ready for its unleashing in 2016.

Microsoft: Showing Windows into their future

Main Announcements: Halo 5, Gears of War 4, Dark Souls 3, Backwards Compatibility

The big M’s flagship shooters are returning, with new details for both Halo 5: Guardians, as well as a new Gears of War which was given a new gameplay demo for E3 2015. If futuristic video games aren’t your forte, they also announced Dark Souls 3 and Fable Legends, and reminded us that a new Tomb Raider game is still on its way…E3 2015

In other news, Forza 6 looks as sexy as racing fans could have hoped, Rare (everyone’s old favourite studio) is releasing a classics collection with 30 (count them: 30!) games from their back-catalogue, including favourites like Conker’s Bad Fur Day and Perfect Dark. It won’t set you back a fortune either: £30 will see you relive Rare‘s heyday. Take my money now!

And, just when you thought Microsoft had done giving, they announced that they are working on backwards compatibility for the Xbox One in the near future, meaning you can keep the ol’ 360 in the cupboard a little while longer…which is good, because that’ll leave space for their augmented reality headset, HoloLens, which has now had Minecraft officially linked to it.

EA: Sports, Space, Sequels, and Shiny Surfaces

Main Announcements: Mirror’s Edge, Mass Effect, Need for Speed, Star Wars

The super-sleek-and-stylish Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst was officially announced after recent leaks hinted at a sequel, and it looks even more amazing than ever. The game is actually a prequel, going back to how Faith became the most bad-ass woman on the planet. Oh, and did someone say open world?! Yes. Yes they bloody well did.E3 2015

Speed freaks rejoice, as Need for Speed is set for its ‘richest’ iteration yet this November. Expect more customisation, plenty of drifting, and a banging-massive-wicked-safe soundtrack. If that’s not for you, Mass Effect: Andromeda looks to have gone a bit wild wild west and is certainly something to be excited about…next year some time, anyway! Unfortunately, it’s way off yet.

With all the hype of the upcoming new film, Star Wars: Battlefront got some early gameplay footage showing off the multiplayer elements we all hoped to see, including TIE fighting, lightsaber-wiedling, and AT-ST ass whoopin’! November be the season for this little beauty, so just in time for your stocking!


Main Announcements: South Park RPG, Assassin’s Creed, lots of Tom Clancy, For Honor

Ubisoft should consider renaming themselves UbiHardAsNails after all of the adult-orientated content on show at E3 2015. After the success of Stick of Truth, a new superhero-themed RPG (wonderfully titled: The Fractured but Whole) featuring all of your South Park favourites is on its way. It’s due next year, so stock up on your Snacky Smores beforehand.E3 2015

Swearing not adult enough for you? Okay then, how about Assassin’s Creed where, seemingly, tidy and quiet assassinations are not the way forward any longer. Add to that not one, not two, but THREE new Tom Clancy games (Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, and an estranged title from E3 2013: The Division), and it’d seem we’re spoilt for choice!

Lastly, a new IP called For Honor was showcased, featuring warriors from different eras of history beating the snot out of one another…graphically. Blood and guts are on the specials menu, it would seem! All in all, an interesting showing the the Ubisoft folk.

Sony: And now for some things we never saw coming…

Main Announcements: The Last Guardian, Street Fighter V, Final Fantasy VII, Shenmue 3

Okay Sony… you win Day 1 – maybe even the whole damn E3 2015

After rumblings every single year that E3 rolls around, Sony finally unveiled the third game to the much loved Ico and Shadow of the Colossus trilogy: The Last Guardian. Although details were vague, it will be released next year (and looks beautiful).

Street Fighter has been given a new lease of life with the fifth official instalment due this coming March, as well as a new Hitman game which reared its bald head. But enough of all this…E3 2015

Final Fantasy VII is OFFICIALLY getting a remake. Shenmue 3 is OFFICIALLY on its way (well, after its Kickstarter gets well and truly clobbered by everyone lobbing their entire life savings at it). Who cares what else Sony announced?!

(…for those who do care, something about Uncharted 4 and something else about Project Morpheus was mentioned – but not a lot. Just be happy in the knowledge they are on their way. Eventually.)


Why not see what was announced during Day 2’s press conferences?

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