Everyone’s favourite ginger, Ed Sheeran (sit down Prince Harry), has broken the heart of millions by announcing he’ll be taking a break from his phone and social media for a while to see the world and connect with reality a little more.

Although the soulful singer is still on track to release his 3rd album, it didn’t stop a collective gasp in the Twittersphere. What will we do without Ed Sheeran’s nuggets of pure wisdom and beautifully-articulated prose?

In honour of one of the modern day literary greats, we’ve compiled a run-down of his most poetic tweets and thought-provoking social media posts.

Here’s to Ed Sheeran…

1) When he made an acute observation about our society’s hidden bias towards condiments and bravely took a stand against classism.


2) When he reminded us all about the importance of staying healthy and hydrated.


3) When he demonstrated how to eloquently and swiftly squash any attempts at Twitter beef.

4) When he wasn’t afraid to proclaim his admiration for less socially-relevant artists, reminding us all to be ourselves no matter what the world may think.


5) When he showed he was capable of understanding everybody, no matter what side of the fence they were on.


6) When he subtly hinted that we can accomplish anything we want to in life, regardless of how achievable it may seem to others – but that it’s always a good idea to have a back-up plan too.


7) When he pointed out our ridiculous obsession with following conventions and how quick society is to jump on those who steer off path a little.


8) When he decided it didn’t matter anyway because carbs are more important.


9) When he captured the essence of the nation’s obsession with cheeky chicken and then teased us with a reminder of it.


10) When he skillfully commented on the Western world’s addiction to fast food and how it’s skewed our perception of what’s important in the world.

11) When he decided enough is enough when it comes to the over-abundance of different social media sites.


12) When he had very hard and fast rules about the type of people he is willing to share his life with and wasn’t willing to compromise.

13) When he reminded us all how important it is to express gratitude; to not take life for granted…

14) …and to not take life too seriously.

Come back soon please Ed. Miss you already!


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