Angry under-25s have been told to stop moaning about the EU Referendum because only 36% of them voted. Turns out that’s a lie and it was the older generation after all.

When it was clear the UK had chosen to leave the EU, we were all looking for someone to blame. Young voters quickly turned it into an age war, claiming their future had been stolen by a generation of pensioners. Some days later Sky Data released turnout statistics that put 18-25s at 36%, the lowest of all the age groups:

But a recent survey carried out since the referendum by Opinium indicates that those numbers were misleading.


After polling 2,002 people, the initial attendance reports – that were actually based on last year’s General Election numbers for some reason – have been disproven and shifted significantly. The turnout for 18-24 year olds almost doubled from just 36% to 64%, roughly in line with the next few age groups.

Every young Remain supporter reacted to the outcome on June 24th, sharing not only their disappointment and fear regarding the result, but their anger at the older generation who have determined their future for them. Those within older age categories stood their ground, arguing that if they really cared more of them would have gone out and voted.

Now, the tables have turned.

Incidentally, over 65s still had the highest turnout: 90%eu referendum protest image

The truth is out: the tactic used to shut young Remain protestors up no longer has any weight. They were just as bothered about voting as everyone else, challenging the myth that young people are “disengaged” and “apathetic”.

They will still face backlash from people sticking their fingers in their ears while reassuring themselves about how much “better” and “stronger” the UK will be – and of course they only voted Leave for your own good.

But the fact still remains that the upcoming generation have to face the reality of the previous one’s self-concerned choices. They’ll have to make the best of a situation they aren’t prepared for and certainly never asked for.

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