The Referendum’s over. We’re leaving the EU. It’s time to stop moaning and face the new reality.

The result is clear. 52% of Britain have voted for Brexit. The journalists are scrambling, the experts are reeling, the markets are tumbling. Chuuka Umunna is on my TV screen trying desperately to adapt to the new normal. My coffee’s getting cold.

The result appears to have broken Andrew Marr, one of the BBC’s most senior politics correspondents:

As it turns out, the younger generation aren’t particularly thrilled either, and with good reason. Polls taken by YouGov before the polls closed suggested that 16-25s were the least in favour of Leaving, yet will have to deal with the consequences the longest.

The pound has fallen to its lowest point, Nigel Farage admitted the £350 million was bullshit and David Cameron has announced his resignation – and all before most of us got into work!

You might be despairing for our future, making hyperbolic posts on Facebook about how Britain will never be the same again. You think our future will be in the hands of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, you think young people’s voices aren’t worth shit.

But here’s why you need to stop whining and get off your asses. This referendum saw the highest political turnout ever, with 72% of the electorate getting involved. More than any other, this vote has seen you getting involved, fighting your corner status by status, meme by meme. If you hadn’t gotten involved, the result would have been a lot worse; we wouldn’t be talking about 52% vs 48%.

We’d be talking a lot worse.

If you just sit back and moan because one vote didn’t go your way, then the next vote definitely won’t. The people you hate really will come into power and you won’t have the luxury of pissing off to the EU like last time.

The future isn’t bleak; the truth is there is no future, the future is being made by the generations alive today, and it’s yours for the taking.

May you live in interesting times.

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