Divergent was one of those movies. It is based on the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth, so it was one of those movies that had a huge fan base behind it before they shot a single scene (myself being a part of it). And let’s be honest, whenever a book is turned into a movie, us fans of the book make a huge fuss about “staying true to the story” and all that, and this was no different so no pressure of course.

Divergent-posterFor those of you that aren’t a part of the Divergent fandom, let me sum up the concept. Divergent is based in the future, in a post-war Chicago, where a new societal structure has been formed to keep the peace. The population of this society is broken into five groups (or factions) based on their strongest personality trait. The five factions are Abnegation (they value selflessness), Erudite (the smart ones), Dauntless (the brave ones), Amity (who value peacefulness), and Candor (the always honest). What could go wrong, right?

The protagonist, Tris, has come of age and has to pick a faction for herself but we find out that she doesn’t fit into any one faction she is Divergent. (Who knew you could have more than one personality trait?!) Divergence is incredibly rare and is seen as a threat to the system. The story follows Tris as she picks a faction and tries to understand what being Divergent means. There is also a love story and an attempted genocide involved obviously, but you need to go watch the movie for that.

From the starting sequence till the end credits the perfect word to describe this movie is BIG. The shots of Chicago crumbling post-war and the fence inside which this society functions are amazing, so is every other set you get to see. And let me tell you about this soundtrack. They get you to feel everything. It’s not very often that I notice a sound track, it’s just kind off there subtly underlining the scene, but in Divergent I felt moments when I thought ‘Why am I so involved?! It’s not happening to me.’ Then I realised it was the soundtrack. Also the cast. Shailene Woodley is amazing as Tris. Following the release of Divergent there has been social media buzz about her being the next Jennifer Lawrence, and if you know anything about pop culture, you know that statement wouldn’t be made lightly. She is also the star of The Fault In Our Stars, one of the most anticipated releases of the summer.

We also have Theo James who plays Four, Tris’ love interest. Now I want to keep this as PG as possible, so all I am going to say is if you are romantically inclined towards the male gender, go watch this movie just for Theo if not for anything else. There are intense stares and shirtless scenes involved. If you are a Divergent fan reading this and thinking ‘BUT SANIKA IT STRAYED FROM THE BOOK!’ then I must ask you to calm down. No one is going to sit through a 4-hour movie and scriptwriters have to take their liberties. For me it did justice to the important things, so maybe you just need to go watch it one more time to see that?

So that is all I have to say about Divergent. I feel like this movie has something for everyone and is definitely worth a watch.

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