One day in the distant past a few weeks ago, I was talking about Friday Challenge ideas with the rest of the NUBI team. One of those ideas became the phenomenal, off-beat Buzzfeed parody “50 World Shattering Facts About Bees“. However, another article was born that day, its dark half if you will: “Top 10 Yugoslavian Presidents”. Why 10? Why Yugoslavia? The reasons are lost to time, and I’m lucky that Yugoslavia had just a little more than 10 people holding the office of President in its short history as a Republic.

Note: I have a rudimentary understanding of SFR Yugoslavian politics at best, and so the rankings in this article don’t reflect opinions about whether I thought they did well politically. Most of these entries are based on superficial traits due to the general lack of information concerning any president after Tito.

10. Borisav Jovic

Yugoslavian President
(Wikimedia Commons)

It’s only fitting that Jovic should come last in the rankings, as he was also the last actual President of Yugoslavia before it became divided into smaller independent nations which were engulfed in the decade of genocidal warfare collectively known as The Yugoslav Wars during the 90s. Borisav resigned after failing to establish a state of emergency, which would have given the military more power to stop the continuing break up of the Republic. Would what many would label a military dictatorship have brought stability at a high cost, or would the wars that claimed 140,000 lives have happened anyway? Some might argue that Jovic was acting against future bloodshed and the disintegration of the Yugoslavian Republic, but even so…he failed.

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