Nintendo Game Boy 1UP. No matter who you are, what you were into or even where in the world you were brought up, nothing was more sought after than the iconic Game Boy. 

“A personal project of a handheld console as a homage to the original Game Boy of 1989. The project target was to keep the catchy elements of the original and adapt them to the functions and requirements of current games.”

-Florian Renner

Inspiring every single handheld gaming device that followed, Nintendo‘s handheld system changed the video gaming world in a way that hasn’t been matched since. Even in recent years with the boom of mobile gaming, you simply can’t deny where it all began: the Game Boy is the ancestor of the modern day smart phone.

Nintendo truly carved-out portable gaming for future generations, from the Nintendo DS, to the apps we enjoy on our phones, and even those gadgets we wish we could forget (like the N-Gage – what on earth were they thinking!?).

Game Boy

One artist, Mr Florian Renner has reimagined what the Game Boy would look like in this modern day gaming world, and though it’s a sight to behold, does the design have room in today’s fast-paced, easily-bored gaming society?

Game Boy

Would it do as badly as the PS Vita? Are the days of stand-alone mobile gaming devices done? The 3DS still has quite the audience, but perhaps this is more to do with Nintendo’s rich history and understanding of the mobile market – one which has recently seen them branch out into mobile apps.

Game Boy

Game Boy
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Although these designs are beautiful and an amazing modern day adaptation of what the Game Boy could be, will Nintendo ever bring back their flagship, pocket-sized gaming device? It’s doubtful, but while you’re waiting for that fateful day, how about building your own?

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