As if fans could forget the emotional turmoil and farewells of the first 3 Seasons of Game of Thrones. We are given a 2 minute reminder of it all, in Season 4 Episode 1 (Two Swords) this week. Only to be followed by the all to known opening, of all Game of Thrones episodes. The preliminary clip with Tywin Lannister, was in my opinion, 100% perfect. To date he has shown himself to be one of the most powerful characters in Game of Thrones. So far this is true, but many changes are to come.

The introduction of Oberyn Martell, (Pedro Pascall) was as exhilarating as predicted. With his ‘bastard/lowborn’ lover found at a brothel by Tyrion Lannister, the clash of two men who use ‘their minds as weapons’ is be a collaboration that will have fans at the edge of their seats; In anticipation for the remainder of the series. The one fault I give, is at the replacement for this episode is of the character Daario Naharis.

The new actor looks nothing like the previous (which in many way is a blessing), he played the part brilliantly but for me the ambiance of the character was destroyed, (it usually is with cast changes).  Although, now he does now look very similar to the described book character, with less of a pretty boy persona. The romance, with Daenerys Targaryen, begins to subtly blossom between both parties. Compared to the obvious simple lust felt by Daario in Season 3.

Viewers did get to see characters from the main four houses, As well as the development since the last series. That of which we find has been 3 weeks. This was through Jaime Lannister confronting Cersei, about the lack of intimacy since his return. Another change from the book layout, but one which I think is quite welcome. Arya Stark again is seen on her travels with ‘The Hound’, her brutality has now developed; as she murders yet another villain from her past.

The mental and emotional turmoil she endures, sets the remainder of her character development perfectly. One confrontation that I forget would happen was that of Jon Snow, last we saw he returned to Castle Black at death’s door. In Episode 1 he is on trial by the ‘seniors’ of the watch for his treason. For the prolonged amount of time he was a spy with the wildlings. The sheer amount of Usurpers, Adulterers and murderers enforcing the law was an aspect of Game of Thrones that completely slipped my mind; again though Jon escapes the punishment ,which should have been allocated.

A punishment that was enforced to a ‘Brother of The Nights Watch’, by his own father. In Season 1 Episode 1 from a man whom was truly innocent. A karma in a way to how the man died himself. A man whom had a truth to tell, killed for a crime he did not commit. The drama was enough for an episode of the Season. However, it was very much like an extension of the trailer. I found there was not enough drama for a first episode, considering the first episode of Season 1.

Where for those unfamiliar to the series Brandon Stark was pushed from a tower window. It leaves a lot to be developed with characters such as Varys, As well as the newly named ‘Reek’ (Theon Greyjoy). Whom of which was not seen this episode. As a reader of the books the fourth season holds a lot of drama ‘if you thought the Red Wedding was bad you’ve seen nothing yet’, has not been underestimated.

David Benioff and DB Weiss did not disappoint, and the long-awaited premiere of Season 4 has so far been well worth the wait. With technically only 9 more episodes of this Season, I personally hope Season 5 will be a sooner release. The final book is still being written so my own advice for TV only fans is to avoid the internet, since spoilers will ruin the series.

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