Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons, Myhsa, Khaleesi.

Daenerys Stormborn, of the House Targaryen and all the rest. But first Joffrey Lannister is dead. Following Episode 2 of Game of Thrones, ‘ The Purple Wedding’. Every TV fans biggest question is who done it’.

downloadThe first scene of this episode, follows on from the final clip from the previous episode. With  Joffrey dead in his mothers arms, As well as Tyrion being arrested. Understandably, it doesn’t take long until the city is on lockdown. A search for Sansa (as one of the prime suspects) begins. We see Ser Dontos and Sansa run through the back alleys of the city, then escape on a boat. The anticipation on their run through the city is quite nerve-wracking. Will they escape and what will it take. It was actually quite straightforward, considering this is Game of Thrones. Before departing Sansa takes one last look back at Kingslanding. It would be a moving moment, if she hadn’t endured such heartache there. This stare could be interpreted as  a final farewell, or simply a ‘good riddance’ stare. Surely not any concern for Tyrion, since at this point he seems like the most likely suspect.

images (3)The apparent saviour of Sansa Stark is Petyr Baelish, (like we could forget about him). Just when you think Lord Baelish does a good, selfless deed he shoots dead Ser Dontos. Since he does not ‘trust drunkard fools’. As well as admitting he played a part in the scheme. (in helping Sansa or killing Joffrey we shall see). The death of Ser Dontos is quite heart wrenching; even more so when he destroys the necklace he bestowed to Sansa. ‘The city is built on lies’ feels even more real, even more so when Petyr then claims he should be trusted. I still have hope that Sansa truly isn’t the naive young northerner she once was, and that can show more even more of her hidden deviousity, like her sister.

images (4)The conversation between Olenna and Margaery shows the different priorities of both women, Olennas’ top priority is the well being of Margeary. Whereas Margeary just wishes to be Queen. Natalie Dormers’ portrayal shows genuine sadness during this conversation. Margeary does feel ‘she is cursed’ with men, but I think she does open her hearts to the men in her life. She prepares to have children with them, and satisfy needs that could destroy her honour. But yet again is left alone. Her character may be devious, but her work with the Orphanage and ending most of the unrest in the capital is something to be admired. Her outward personality also adds another edition to the ‘strong woman’ persona, that viewers keep getting introduced too in the show.

Following this we see Joffrey laid to rest, Tommens ‘king talk’ from Tywin was inspiring. It does show there is no sentimentality from the character he just wants what’s best for ‘the family’. It also highly shows how Joffrey was all for his mother and ‘the bad king way’. Since he was ‘not a wise king’. We also see Tywin move Tommen to walk with him, he is taking him the good kind route, ironically as they walk into ‘the light’ of the room. Tommen may be a Lannister, and others may wish Daenerys or even Stannis to be on the Iron Throne, but until then could Tommen be an acceptable king. Margeary and him together would surely be able to create a good and tolerable Kingslanding. Maybe they are potential winners of the Game of Thrones.

images (1)The quite touching moment between Cersei and Jaime turns to rape very quickly. Despite being a character audiences hate being virtually raped at her sons funeral is dark. The occurrence shatters the docile dream like environment that was surrounding. It brings viewers back to the disturbed Game of Thrones setting. Despite his past crimes, I was warming quite a lot to Jaime and was sympathetic to him at the hatred displayed towards him on his return home.

We then move to Arya and The Hound.  Aryas quick wit saves them again, when she spins a web of lies about ‘her father’ and the war. When they are eating with the farmer it is as if she has gradually softened The Hounds personality. From convincing him not to kill in prior episodes and he even agrees to ‘fair wages for fair work’. A Season 1-3 Hound would have never even considered this. Again fans are brought back to the harsh reality when he steals from the farmer. “The weak die quick through torture” he tells Arya, there are worst men out there ‘How many starks do they have to behead before you figure that out’. Its true, but dark similar to Petrys’ reasoning behind his actions.

Tune in tomorrow for  Game of Thrones S04E03 Review Part 2

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