(Following on from part one) We are now back at the wall in the presence of one of the most lovable fools Samwell Tarly, it is nice to see that he and Gilly are still continuing their friendship like before and Sam shows concern about her well being at The Wall. Understandable the way she was treated at Crastors Keep would ensure Sam would be protective of her especially around men even though they are his brothers. His attitude is quite overwhelming and very paternal. This changes when Gilly asks if like the other men at the wall he apparently thinks about her every night, the glance between the two is very sweet, there is definitely a spark their but Sam is serious about his chastity vow and moves the conversation to a more definitive and serious topic of conversation.

game_of_thrones_13911157142756Sam insists Gilly leaves to the closest town to the wall to live in a Whore House. where he clearly states she will clean babysit and ‘do nothing else’. The sentiment is clearly there but it is ridiculously controlling especially since Gilly didn’t want to leave. I didn’t like that side of Sam it was quite dominating. Despite to be a man ‘you need to leave the little boy behind’ I think a more understanding compassion was needed from the character.

We then see Sir Davos and Stannis I am reminded ‘everyone has their limits’ Stannis despite all his savagery, burning his brother-in-law as well as participating in Black Magic has does not wish to hire sell swords, Strategically it makes sense Sellswords work for whomever pays the most but it seems more his honour would be wounded then any failed attempts at taking the Iron Throne.

game-of-thrones-season-4-screenshot-7Audiences are then reunited with Westeros’ newest badass out for revenge Oberyn Martell. we see him and his lover naked together, not surprisingly engaging in more sexual activities with men and women. I quite enjoy the relationship between Oberyn and Ellaria Sand, it’s almost like a modern-day open relationship. David Benioff and DB Weiss are very good at exploring all different kinds of relationships from the ideas of George R R Martin, Incest and Adultery are just a few and there’s no doubt there will be many more explored. Despite sleeping with others there is a fondness between the couple. As a fan of them both I believe if either one wished for the other to be devout I don’t think either would hesitate.

Then the most serious and arguably most powerful man in Westeros arrives to ruin the fun Tywin Lannister. Despite being slightly awkward I think Tywin pretty much knew vaguely what he was going to walk in too. The location of a whore house aids the predicament. Tywin isn’t a man to wait for a more convenient and less awkward time if he wants something. Chances are with Oberyn Martell there wouldn’t be a less awkward time to talk to him. Surprisingly it is Tywin who offers Oberyn what he wants, revenge on The Mountain for what he did to her sister, despite having a hatred towards the Lannisters and Tywin especially for technically giving the orders for the monstrosities against Elia and her children Oberyn accepts Tywins offer to ‘have a meeting’ with the mountain no real questions asked.

I understand the motivation but with so far no real plan or allies just pure confrontation with ‘The Mountain’ it doesn’t sound like a very good plan. Knowing the Cleganes’ brutality and lack of emotion (something Oberyn has plenty of) something like poison which is noted Oberyn knows a lot of would have been a more sensible choice especially since he know has someone like Tywin who is willing to help if he gets what he wants.

Now the Red Wedding was brutal, The death of Ned Stark still haunts our memories but nothing got to my heartstrings more than the fact that Podrick Payne being dismissed by Tyrion. He hasn’t got the kindest of family but has proved to be so loyal, newly handsome and totally sweet and not so much innocent anymore; but a charm to him which I adored. It is the Shae story again Tyrion has to send those he cares about away to safety, especially now threats explicitly to Pods’ life have been made it perfectly seals the deal. If this was the last appearance of Podrick he will surely be missed by myself.

NoGameOfThronesS3-2w for characters I have little sympathy with and whose storyline is quite new to all fans; since differing from the books we don’t see the wildlings after Jon leaves. When it came to the  wildling attack those characters became so easy to hate, I was instantly reminded of The Hounds previous comments ‘‘the innocent and weak die before winter’ it shows the two sides of killers The Hound could arguably seen as merciful where the wildings killed out of pure savagery and cruelty.

Mereen, Mereen and the Dragon Queen. At the gates of Mereen Danearys chooses Daarhio Naharis as her champion. She has justified reasons not to choose the other volunteers, very sentimental reasons but we can all see the genuine concern had for her champion when he faced Mereens champion without a horse and virtually defenceless. The comment ‘horses are stupider than men’ kinda shows the transition for Danys’ love of the horse lord to the man who is Daario Naharis. The liberation speech was something I enjoyed and the title comes into play when  barrels full of broken chains were hurled at the city, it made sense no one was harmed it was a catapult of liberation not of attack. A tactic Danearys seems to follow thoroughly in all of her conquests.

Personally I felt that episode could have been a  final episode so many loose ends tied up and so much action that occurred. The character development really stepped up its game and I only hope the remainder of the episodes of the series continue from the greatness of this one episode.

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