Come April 24th, you’ll want to switch off your mobile, unplug the house phone, disconnect your doorbell and definitely ensure you have your shift at The Wall covered – Game of Thrones is back!

The new trailer (which features a bloody amazing rendition of Wicked Game by James Vincent McMorrow) does well to tease and intrigue, and the use of fast cuts throughout means that, even though it’s clear we’re being teased regarding certain elements – I’ll get to those shortly – we’re still unsure exactly what to expect. The fact that Season 6 isn’t actually written by George R. R. Martin (as he’s busy writing the actual book) does concern me somewhat, but this new trailer has washed those worries away for now.

Game of Thrones

The trailer iterates Jon Snow’s death immediately (like anyone actually forgot; even people who don’t watch the show know that a) he knows nothing and b) he was killed at the end of the previous season – thanks internet!), but that’s hardly scratching the surface. All of our favourites (and the Boltons…) are back by the looks of things, and there are dragons (DRAGONS, FFS!!!), the zombie-mutant-unkillable Mountain, some incest (obvs), teased nudity (also obvs) and the muthafucking king of the White Walkers having a stroll with now-looking-seriously-older Bran.

I don’t know about you, but my body is ready. Come at me Game of Thrones! Come at me April!

Game of Thrones

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