S04 E04

Fans are greeted by a tutoring lesson between Grey Worm and Missande. I like how this series doesn’t just focus on the main characters or houses. Similar to the continued focus on the wildlings.

10335841_10203731221148848_1368893238_nDanys third revelation, in Mereen, was another inspiring turnover of the show. Thanks to that of her loyal subjects. This means yet another city is free from slavery, and she is one step closer to her ultimate goal, of ruling Westeros. It now brings to mind the task of controlling the cities she has captured. One Targaryen running the whole world just won’t work. Regardless, if anyone has a good a chance of success she surely does.

Jaime training with Bronn, is one of my favourite, new storylines of Season 4.  Their conflicting upbringing, and social status is ridiculously linked to their fighting styles. The ‘dishonourable’ fighting style of Bronn, compared to Jaimes’ home trained simple techniques. Maybe this is why he was captured by Robb Stark. He may be dishonourable mentally, in many ways but he is still a highborn, stereotypical rich boy. With no real life skills. It is funny how an uneducated sellsword has more knowledge of relationships. As such to offer to Jaime, with his blunt honesty it is him who motivates him to confront Tyrion, about his alleged crimes.

10338990_10203731219628810_1709652993_nTyrion and Jaime ,have a quite moving moment together. When in an around about way ask about the death of Joffrey and whom is truly responsible. They come to a neutral ground, between one another. Most likely between the mutual dislike of Cersei and her hatred to all those who ‘aren’t her children’. I’m glad they are united. Since they are both trying to achieve redemption, for past crimes I think they will do well together. Especially, since Cersei is now adamant in disownership of Tyrion. As well as viewing Jaime as simply the leader of the Kingsguard; no more as her lover.

Sansa and Petyr on the boat, a match made in hell. Wherever poor Sansa goes and whomever she it with she seems to be in worse danger / company than before. There presence for me was completely disregarded, in this episode by the confession of Olenna Tyrell to the death of Joffrey. Since she would not ‘let her Granddaughter marry a monster’. She does however make a point at how sweet Tommen is, and how she needs to make a point to be on his side. Especially before Cersei manipulates him to hate her.

We then see, ‘He Who Knows Nothing’ the one they call Jon Snow. In my eyes The Super Leader. His inspiring pep talk moves men who could be regarded as exceedingly stubborn. As well as, exhausted from recent occurrences. Yet, they follow an accused traitor, Lord Snow. They would follow him to the ends of the world, if he preached the right way. Maybe he will, he could be seen as a mini Daenerys, with the advantage of already being in Westeros.

10323713_10203731221228850_463059254_oJaime gives Brienne his sword. As well as armour that she never could dream of. Armour only a Lannister could get. There is especially significance in regards to the sword. It means nothing to Jaime anymore. As his family become less and less important, and more hateful towards him. Ensuring the match between Pod and Brienne was perfect. They are so opposed, but equally adored. They are like Arya and The Hound but the good guy version. I truly look forward to their adventures. Especially with the newly named Oathkeeper: a great name in remembrance of its previous owners.

Poor Gillys sisters (Crastors’ wives and daughters) really can’t catch a break, first the lifelong torcher from their father. Including, having their children ripped away from them if they are male. Then worse by enduring the horny desperate traitors which are the Brothers of the Nights Watch.Bran and his clan have been doing well so, making such progress through the wild something was bound to happen at some point. Who knew this would be getting caught by the rogue Brothers of the Nights Watch (well book readers would). As soon as they got Hodor in chains I think everyones’ hearts broke slightly. Such a simple, lovely character torchered in such a way was truly depressing.


S04 E05

gameofthrones14_88Audiences are introduced to this Episode with Tommens’ coronation.  There is officially a new King of Westeros. There is certain attention between Tommen and Margaery. We saw in the previous episode she attempts to befriend him, strangely through her friendly personality and not through sexual pursuits as is hinted that Olenna did with her late husband. Margaery was warned, about the barrier Cersei would try and create between the two. We see visually in the episode that Cersei does block Margearys’ view of Tommen. I think it was a shock to a lot of fans; myself especially when Cersei practically gives her blessing to the couple ‘at the approval of her father’. Since the death of Joffrey it seems she has lost all fight and her past passion for things going her own way. she even offers no fight against the marriage to Lancel Tyrell when it comes up in conversation with her father.

It is strange how all Daenerys wanted was to go home quickly, but now she is content in staying, in her heart she truly does want whats best for the people, her people. Jorah Mormont informs her of the opportunity to return home now that Joffrey is dead and a ‘boy now sits on the throne, a boy many consider to be a bastard usurper’. I like how despite being quite a ruthless and fiery conqueror she still keeps her gentle hearted soul close to the surface when it comes to protecting those she has saved. It definitely adds credibility to her as being the penultimate ruler.

Now, the spotlight this Episode was definitely taken by Lady Arryn of The Vale. In the nicest way I can think to express my feelings about her she is the most spiteful wench and officially my number one most hated character in Game of Thrones. She and Petyr are like criminal masterminds. Hands-down one of the best villains of this season. Despite it really being Petyr who planned every detail, She implemented most of it, especially when it came to torturing her family.

game-thrones-season-4-episode-5-first-his-nameSansa gets tortured everywhere but i’d have presumed after all she endured in Kingslanding she wouldn’t be so ridiculously frail, when confronted with the monstrosity which is her aunt. Her crying could have provoked sympathy, in many viewers but I saw the act as quite pathetic. She is quite stubborn, naive and unnecessarily hopeful, I hope soon she learns her lesson on becoming more aware of her surroundings and brave in the face of hatred and abuse.

Pod and Brienne really are now competing for the new Game of Thrones best duo. between Arya and the Hound and Pod and Brienne i can’t make a decision they are so different but you just know the matching together will be perfect.when Arya goes missing in the morning (despite adding the Hound to the list of those she wants to kill) there was some concern there from the hound when he didn’t know where she was. I don’t believe for a second it was because she is worth her weight in gold. I can feel the love.

We then get taken back to Craster’s keep with Bran and Jon. I can’t believe they were so close to being reunited and then they both left in opposite directions. despite the scene being a great action sequence my attention went to poor Hodor. one character i never thought could endure mental torture in such. At the hands of someone whom he cared for so dearly, I understand the motivation. essentially for survival but Bran didn’t comfort him in any way he really does not know the repercussions of his actions yet. A skill i hope he learns soon since he is quite an amazing character.

burning craster’s keep, that was a big fire. I wonder what the biggest one will be? since manse raider is meant to light the biggest fire the north has ever seen.

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