Innovations in the “glasses that do unlikely things” category are all the rage. These Diet Eyeglasses watch your weight for you.

These 3D-printed glasses are interesting for reasons that go beyond their manufacturing process. Researchers from the University of Passau created these ‘Diet Eyeglasses’ as part of the WISEglass project, which is centred on smart eyewear

The 3D-printed glasses are packed with technology, including electromyography sensors that touch the area directly behind the ears. These sensors are able to pick up on contractions of the facial muscles used during chewing.

The smart glasses are able to differentiate between different kinds of movements, including coughing, drinking water and speaking, with the glasses detecting different textures of foods (e.g. Hard and soft food). They could potentially be used to monitor what you’re eating and how often – which could be good or bad news for dieters.

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