The time period we find ourselves in right here, right now, is what will be taught in history classes in 200, 500 and 1000 years’ time. This is down to one thing: change. We are living in a world that is undergoing changes so significant that they will be remembered for years to come.

Due to how connected we all are as a planet – I can instantaneously message someone across the world if I wanted to – technology just keeps evolving. And now we have pioneered one of the most significant, ground-shaking, history-making, religion-starting innovations since we first crawled out of the ocean millions of years ago…

Instagram has added a multiple accounts function to its app.


Well, it’s not added yet – it’s currently either being tested by a small group of iOS users or is being slowly rolled out to the masses, according to Latergramme. This is understandable – one can only imagine the carnage that would occur if everyone woke up one day with the ability to seamlessly glide between separate accounts and still receiving push notifications from both, whilst no longer having to remember different usernames and passwords for each account. Our very foundations would crumble!

“The Father, the Son and the Holy Selfie”

Indeed, the day this feature becomes widely available will be a day serenaded with the joyful cries of millions of social media managers, fan page owners, band members and pretty much anyone who happens to have more than one Instagram account.

For those who don’t know, the process of switching Instagram accounts right now is to manually log out of your account, erase your username then log in with your other account’s username and password. Just typing that sentence was literally exhausting – imagine the task of actually doing that.

It’s quite frankly barbaric.

The Twitter scene before multiple accounts were accommodated for

But the last days of Sodom are nearly over, and we will transcend into a perfect world with user-friendly social media apps and the ability to avoid mixing up personal and professional accounts – true paradise.

It’s like Bob Dylan said – The Times They Are A Changin’.

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