Hailed as this decade’s answer to Neil Young, psychedelic folk singer Israel Nash is hitting the road with indie rockers Band of Horses in what expects to be an immersive, expansive and wholly cinematic tour of the UK and Europe.

One listen to Nash’s latest offering ‘Silver Season’ and it’s not difficult to see why the Young comparisons are so widespread; his nasal falsetto, country soundscapes and deeply textured songwriting cry mid-70s folk-rock.

Unlike the Crosby, Stills, (other) Nash and Young in their heydey, Israel is more atmospheric pipe organs and pan steel guitars rather than wailing riffs and three-part harmonies.

The production on the album is absolutely magnetic. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the fact it was recorded on analogue in a makeshift shed in the middle of a ranch in Texas but the sound is swellingly profound. He manages to pack in this gigantic-sounding feel on an album which by the end could well be a soundtrack to an intricately personal love story.

What Nash creates is an epic record which is a true representation of the zeitgeist; this is what American country should sound like in 2017. With a handful of releases in 7 or 8 years, in the grand scheme of things Israel Nash is just getting started, and for a genre largely associated with the greats of the 70s Nash might just tell you it is no longer a Young man’s game.

Tickets for Israel Nash’s tour (with Band of Horses) available here.


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