Warner Bros. Pictures finally unleashed the announcement trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them from their Chamber of Secrets, and no doubt Potter fans (Potheads? Pot Addicts? Muggle-Smugglers?) across the globe are going nuts.

Whilst it’s fair to say we’ve rarely seen a trailer quite so devoid of actual ‘trailer’, what little light the 2-minute teaser does shed on the upcoming spin-off (lumos maxima my arse!) is still exciting. People hoping to revisit the wizarding world made so popular in the Harry Potter books and films are treated to the fantastical and familiar-looking environments they loved so much.

Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne picks up the role of Scamander, which can be nothing but a positive if he’s on form, and the action takes place in America for a change. It may have only been four years since we were last let into Rowling’s magical universe, but I’m sure many feel like it’s been too long. Fantastic Beasts, alongside The Cursed Child, will look to satiate the hunger left in our Harry-less lives next year.

No doubt 2016 will be peppered with sneak-peeks and little Hufflepuffs of information, but until then I guess this is all they’re willing to revelio… It may not feature any of the previous characters we knew and loved, but with J.K. Rowling back behind the pen, it’s likely to be 50 points to Gryffindor (and hundreds of millions of pounds to the box office).

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