Macho protagonist with very little character, check. Huge explosions that dominate the screen, check. An array of weapons to cause said explosions, check. Badass stunts, check! The aforementioned are the stereotypical makings of a Hollywood blockbuster action movie, but also a particular video game that looks to trump your Die Hards and Expendables. Enter Just Cause 3.

In 2006 Avalanche Studios and publisher Eidos Interactive released Just Cause on the PlayStation 2, Xbox and Xbox 360. The game was an open world third-person action adventure title that had players drive, shoot, base jump and parachute their way through the fictional world of San Esperito as hero Rico Rodriguez.

Your mission, topple Esperito’s totalitarian dictator Salvador Mendoza by any means necessary. Not much in the way of an enthralling narrative but that’s okay. Just like a high-octane popcorn flick, you just want to see stuff go boom.

That agenda very much remained the same for Just Cause 2, just with more explosive means and a new location to cause havoc in. Unsurprisingly, it looks as though Just Cause 3 is staying true to its roots but enhancing almost every aspect of the gameplay to create the ultimate action movie experience.

One of the staples of the Just Cause franchise is the grappling hook. Attached to Rico’s arm, it can be used to ascend buildings, propel you forward whilst parachuting and tether pretty much anything together.

For example, you can tether a guy to a gas propulsion canister and watch him rocket into the sky. Attaching a car to a helicopter and then proceeding to use it as a bowling ball you can most certainly do. Plaster your plane with C4 whilst surfing on the wings and then jump off before it hurtles into a military base? Yeah sure why not. With Just Cause 3 you now have multiple tethers, meaning you can pin a squadron of soldiers to a wall or topple a statue by attaching it to the ground.

The possibilities are endless and that’s the fun of it. Just Cause 3 is ultimately one giant action set-piece sandbox for you to create your own Michael Bay moments.

But if you just want to go in all guns blazing like Stallone or Schwarzenegger then there’s room for that too. Parachute into a military base and hurtling rocket launchers and grenades toward anything that looks red and explosive will make you feel like every action hero ever combined! Or just hop into a jet and mow everything down from the skies.

Another hallmark of most action movies is at some stage the film will enter a lush setting. The great thing about Just Cause 3 is that it’s set in the giant beautiful open world of Medici, a representation of a Mediterranean island. There are naturalistic sunflower fields bathing in the sun, huge canyons, glistening sea beds and snow laden mountains. Locations most would call peaceful paradises, something Rico wants to restore.

Picture it now. You’re standing atop a mountain during a sunset with a military stronghold below. You dive off, deploy your wingsuit and glide toward your target. Before hitting the ground you activate your parachute, land safely on the ground, whip out your minigun and just begin to go crazy. Who wouldn’t want to do that in a video game?

Move over Van Damme and Statham, there’s going to be a new badass on the block come December 1st when Just Cause 3 releases, and it’s you!

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