#1.  Dusty PlayGround – Zipporah Lomax

“Since my first ‘Burn’ 16 years ago, I have been fascinated by the children of Black Rock City. They are awesome creatures who seem so effortlessly at ease, playful little sages covered in dust who remind me always to be curiously present, fearlessly open and light of heart.”Kings of KickstarterBurning Man.  A gathering of humans unlike any other.  Staged out in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, where for a week creativity reigns supreme.  People leave behind their regular lives and worldly pursuits to create a truly unique community out amongst the dust.  For the last 15 years, Zipporah Lomax has faithfully attended the festival, documenting it in all it’s unbridled innovative glory.  With the passing of each festival, she started to notice tiny, seemingly insignificant moments if captured a frame earlier or later, between the children of Burning Man and the kick-ass parents that take them along for the ride.  Describing the festival as “a full-spectrum city bursting with colorfully exuberant characters, surreal art cars overflowing with revelrous Burners, incredibly inspired art rising from the dust and massive structures engulfed in flames”  it make sense that this environment would yield fascinating instances of kids being fascinated themselves.  Voila, Zipporah’s collection was born and with it she has captured truly intimate moments in an intensely unique setting.

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