Kings of Kickstarter

#1.  Hobie –  Overlab

Hobie is handy tool for making beautiful time lapses, suitable for every phone.”Kings of KickstarterAugmentations for phones have thrown up a real mixed bag in recent years.  The much maligned and narcissistic selfie stick is heinously popular for whatever reason.  Magnetic ring lens devices have given people a cheap way to change their inbuilt camera into something more powerful.  Now, Overlab have introduced Hobie, a device tailor-made to turn your phone into a time-lapse titan.  It is decidedly analogue and intentionally so, made using a kitchen timer at the base to avoid having to produce another complex product to carry around and charge.  Suitable for all smartphones, regardless of operating system or model as long as it is no more than 8 cm wide.  The adjustable nut ring is designed to give you total freedom in selecting your viewpoint with 36 different way to fix the phone gripping central stick.   The timer is not battery-powered, a simple mechanical rechargeable engine design means you will never need to recharge it.  There is a quaint charm about using such simplistic methods in tandem with the advanced technology we all carry around in our pockets now, allowing you to create breathtaking time lapses that would usually require much more sophisticated technology at a higher cost.

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