Kings of Kickstarter

Welcome to the thirteenth instalment of our weekly series; The Kings of Kickstarter.  Last week had us scavenging the vast and unyielding wide spaces of the Kickstarter savanna, stalking the long grass for the prized prey of superior design.  From new age digital interaction to time-lapse perfection, the retiring nobles of yesteryear embodied entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring and giving rise to a new generation of mighty magnates.  As per usual NUBI has procured 5 Kings (and of course one jester) and presented them below.  So without further ado and in no particular order…..

#5.  Robin. The smarter smart phone – Nextbit

“Unlike anything before it — Robin has the cloud integrated right into Android OS, and it’s perfectly tuned hardware is optimized to take every advantage of it.”Kings KickstarterTechnology moves at such a rate that mere hours after you have purchased the latest phone, tablet or computer it is already outdated.  This has never been more true of storage – there was a time when MP3 players could only hold 32mb – and with expandable becoming a thing of the past, this mystical cloud manufacturers  are migrating to is throwing shade on the competition.  Enter Robin.  Running on the Android OS, it is purpose-built to maximise the potential of cloud storage down to a hardware level.  Putting the smart into smart phone, Robin performs the intricate digital dance between phone and cloud, backing everything up and freeing up space on the device when you don’t use things for a period of time.  Furthermore, Nextbit is no two-bit operation, far from it in fact, their team is comprised of people who brought some of the highest spec phones to market (G1, Nexus, Evo, HTC M7 and M8).  Spec wise, Robin internally suits up comparably with market leaders and then some, yet that’s where the similarities stop, everything is engineered to work in tandem, efficiently and effectively.  Brand loyalty is a strange thing in the tech world, with people reordering the next model without a thought as to why or if there are better alternatives, Robin is that alternative.  They surely must have sacrificed aesthetics to achieve this right?  Wrong.

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