Kings of Kickstarter

Welcome to the fourteenth instalment of our weekly series; The Kings of Kickstarter.  Last week had us trudging through the herbaceous Kickstarter marshes, waist deep in the wetland, grasping beneath the surface of the murky mire to pull free only the finest design ensnared amongst the dross.  From the smartest of smartphones to rediscovered images of the King of New York, the helm holders of last week deigned to grant us mere mortals a gander at their ingenuity.  Nevertheless, a cyclical coup d’état gives rise to a new regime of royal upstarts, adorned with crown and sceptre.   As per usual NUBI has procured 5 Kings (and of course one jester) and presented them below.  However this week we’re flipping the script; each King will be ranked in descending order, with number 1 being crowned Supreme Overlord.  So without further ado….

#5. The Paper Tiger Chase: L.A. Courtroom Art by Mary Chaney – Rachel Reilly

The aim of this project is to preserve the work of a fading artistic profession: courtroom illustration. A skilled, select group of artists would attend trials and create quick, expressive sketches, capturing pivotal moments in pen and ink.”Kings of Kickstarter

With the meteoric rise of access to online videos, all kind of tutorials have exploded   onto the internet.  Speed drawing was one such fad, seeing talented artists create masterfully faithful reproductions of a variety of muses, all at a speed that belies belief.  Speed drawing serves a more official purpose, as the scribe takes notes and minutes during court proceedings, so the artist attempts to capture the scene.  Courtroom artist Jane Rosenberg’s work recently went viral when she cast New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in a particular demonic light.

Not enough credit is given to the skill set required to accurately capture someones visage, especially in such a high-profile situation.  Mary Chaney (1927—2005) worked the LA courtroom circuit as an official artist covering such sensitive cases as the OJ Simpson murder trial and the Rodney King civil rights case.

The Paper Tiger Chase is a project aimed at preserving this unique and oft overlooked art form.  Comprised of over 100 pages and featuring 50 illustrations from Mary Chaney’s personal archive, along with a short case description,  one of the most highly regarded courtroom artists of a small circle is immortalised having herself immortalised some of the most notorious characters the legal system had to offer.

Kings of Kickstarter

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