Kings of Kickstarter

Welcome to the nineteenth instalment of our weekly series; The Kings of Kickstarter.  Last week found us floating in Kickstarter’s gargantuan orbit, the shattered debris of ideas that never made it out the atmosphere obscuring the glint of brilliance of those that did.  From deep sea drones to 4-year-old shutterbugs, the retiring rulers of last week proved both wise and worthy of their title, even as their successors prepare to take the throne.  As per usual NUBI has procured 5 Kings (and of course one jester) and presented them below.  Now ranked in descending order, only one can claim the title of Supreme Overlord.

#5.  Percko – Percko

“On average we sit for over 9 hours a day, 365 days a year and if we are being honest, it’s hard to avoid slouching.

Kings of Kickstarter

As I sit here typing this, hunched over my laptop and twirling various ludicrous adjustments on an uncomfortable office chair, those posture correction inducing plastic chairs from school have started to seem like a good idea.  Although we are bipeds, our spines still aren’t fully evolved for the rigours of standing up straight,  not to mention slouching is pretty much a global pastime.  The age-old fix of walking with books balanced atop your noggin is highly impractical but this reinforced under armour from Percko really isn’t.  Percko is an undershirt lined with tensors in the shape of your back, whenever you hunch or slouch you’ll feel a slight stimulation prompting you to adjust your position.  This isn’t as crazy as it sounds, and with a clinical study conducted with Ostéobio and Cogitobio, Percko shows significant results in postural improvement.  This will be a hell of a lot cheaper than the chiropractor you will inevitably end up having to be karate chopped by weekly because you binged watched Netflix in a Golem-esque pose.

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